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Owner Manual (PDF) Our manual outlines how you, our owners, interact with us during your management agreement. It covers every aspect of management, to include: starting before your tenant move-in, any maintenance issues that need to be addressed during tenancy, and all the way past a tenant vacating the property. The more informed your are about how things process the more successful our business relationship.

Portal Guide (PDF) The portal guide outlines how you access your online account to interact with all aspects of your management account. You can make online deposits into your account via ACH, check your monthly statements, review work orders for maintenance items, review all your management documentation, contact your property manager via the conversation log, and much more.

The video page link below will provide a visual overview of all the features you will find in your online account (Owner Portal) with HPM that allows you to interact with us anytime and from anywhere. We also have a section below the videos to help troubleshoot any access issues for your Portal with all the different web browsers.

New Owner Portal – Released December 31, 2018.      Click Here to preview videos now on the new modules available.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Owners for Management



AssetProtect is an insurance policy that protects the Landlord, and the Landlord is the Named Insured with the Tenant as an Additional Insured on the liability component. Coverage for the Landlord up to $100,000 per occurrence. The Tenant is a Loss Payee on the contents component of the coverage. This status enables Tenants to have their personal contents covered under the Landlord’s policy and to file claims directly with the insurance carrier when covered losses occur.

More details about AssetProtect Plan for Landlords (Property Owners)



New Property Evaluation Sheet (PDF)

Owner Information and Property Sheet (PDF)

Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF)

W-9 (PDF)

Owner Work Order Authorization (PDF)

Owner Change of Information (PDF)

Sample Documents

Working with Real Estate Agents (PDF)

Management Agreement (PDF)

Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint (homes older than 1978) (PDF)

Termination of Agency Agreement and Release (PDF)

Laws, Regulations, and HPM Policies

A Guide to Small Claims Court

Eviction Process

HPM Eviction Filing and Fees Policy (PDF)

– HPM Tenant Turnover and Re-Key Policy (PDF)

Chapter 42 Landlord Tenant Law (PDF)

Chapter 41A State Fair Housing Act (PDF)

Fort Bragg Minimum Housing Standards (PDF)

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (PDF)