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Interested in becoming a vendor with Homeowners Property Management?

Fill out an application package and deliver it to our office. We are always looking for good vendors to support us in our management operations.

Two requirements for insurance: must have General Liability AND Workers Compensation certificates delivered to us from your insurance company or we cannot hire you for work. That is an insurance industry requirement as we are a business hiring another business to complete work for a client. If you do not have that insurance coverage, do not submit an application package as it will be a waste of your time, we cannot set you up as a vendor or give you any work orders without the insurance certificates.

Step #1: Acquire your insurance certificates for General Liability and Workers Compensation

Step #2: Fill out Vendor Application, Vendor Agreement, Vendor Guideline for Photos   Vendor Package (PDF)

Step #3: Fill out W-9   W-9 (PDF)

Step #4: Drop off at office, mail, or email package (fully filled out and with insurance certificates) to

Step #5: Package will get reviewed by HPM staff, your references checked, and then you will receive a notification as to your vendor status with HPM


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Vendor Manual (PDF)


Vendor Application (PDF)

Vendor Agreement (PDF)

Vendor Guideline for Photos (PDF)

Vendor Change of Information Form (PDF)

Vendor Incident Report (PDF)