Tenant Testimonials

Tenants, who are actually the property owner’s customers, give us comments all the time about how we attend to their needs during their tenancy. As the owner/landlords representative, we understand how important it is to address tenant concerns and noted property maintenance situations.

Nicholas H. (Mar 2022)
“Ms. Cynthia has been an absolute pleasure to work with as our property manager. Every and any problem we have had with the home we rent no matter how big or small has been dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Couldn’t ask for a better property manager. We also appreciate the homeowners for being patient with us as well as we live in their home.”

Loletta K. (Feb 2022)
“Found the rental they worked with.”

Chelsea P. (Feb 2022)
“I am beyond pleased with Homeowners Property Management! Cynthia and Kyla went above and beyond to find my family a home. We are in a time where it is hard to find something decent and worth the price. So many nights I feared of being homeless with my 4 boys. We have been using Homeowners Property Management for the past 4 years and they are just the best. Josie is another great employee there! These women are amazing. You can tell it’s not just a job for them. They have heart. Words cannot even express how grateful I am to Cynthia and Kyla. During a stressful time with countless nights of worry, they helped ease the process and found us a house. Homeowners Property Management is the place to go to if you’re in need of a home!!”

Trinesha O. (Feb 2022)
“5 stars”

Jeffrey H. (Jan 2022)
“Cynthia was very quick and helpful in processing the documents I needed. She was energetic and smiling!”

Justin W. (Jan 2022)
“The help that I received from this company was unmatched. I am currently deployed and they have made the process of renting a home so easy for me. Kyla in particular was very responsive and kept me informed all the way through the entire process. Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend them to other people. I already have to be honest.”

sirshammalot (Jan 2022)
“I’m really happy with Homeowners. Honestly.”

Santanna H. (Jan 2022)
“5 stars”

Timothy K. (Jan 2022)
“Offices were very clean well organized comfortable staff is always been very kind and address needs in a print matter”

Ghaida A. (Jan 2022)
“5 stars”

Amanda I. (Dec 2021)
“Cynthia took the time to do something for us that she really didn’t have to. It helped tremendously and we are very grateful for her help!”

JR (Dec 2021)
“5 stars”

Carol R. (Dec 2021)
“5 stars”

RMA S. (Nov 2021)
“5 stars”

Keshonta W. (Nov 2021)
“5 stars”

Jazmia B. (Nov 2021)
“5 stars”

Veronique L. (Oct 2021)
“5 stars”

Goldie B. (Oct 2021)
“5 stars”

Sean B. (Oct 2021)
“5 stars”

Crystal F. (Sep 2021)
“We’ve been trying to rent a home through this company for awhile. We have received refunds back for application fees. We decided to give it another try. We knew that we weren’t getting the home we applied for because there were applications in front of us. Our application went to another home! We got approved! Thank God! The leasing agents are a joy to work with! It was a smooth process! They are always respectful, even when we decided to get a refund for older applications. It is a first come first served with applications. The leasing agents work hard! I can’t thank you guys enough! ☺️! I hope everyone is mindful that they have to deal with a lot of applications and homes. Please be patient and be respectful! We are very excited about the home! It’s lovely! I’m hoping this will continue to be an all around positive experience! I know it will! I hope the owners know that we will cherish and take care of their home! Thank you!”

Ki M. (Sep 2021)
“Great staff”

Tan M. (Sep 2021)
“My family and I are thankful to Homeowners Property Management. Being new in town and hearing all kinds of stories, we enjoyed the ease of working with HPM!”

C. McCoy (Aug 2021)
“Competent and very helpful. Great customer service.”

I. Vega (Aug 2021)
“I have worked with them for my rental needs for several years and have received outstanding service.”

J. Johnson. (Aug 2021)
“The rental and leasing customer service representatives are the best in the area. I recommend their services to future tenants and aspiring homeowners.”

M. Rose (Aug 2021)
“5 stars”

Antonio S. (Jul 2021)
“5 stars”

Jacey W. (Jul 2021)
“5 stars”

Angela P. (Jul 2021)
“I’ve been a homeowner for the last 15 years. I’m recently divorced and looking for a home for my daughter and I. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Olga and Daysha. Daysha has been very helpful in helping me search for a rental property. She’s professional and doesn’t mind staying on the phone explaining everything to me. I pray within the coming days I can update this status saying I’ve found a home. This place is by far the best PMC I’ve dealt with thus far.”

Kim F. (Jun 2021)
“5 stars”

Willie M. (Jun 2021)
“5 stars”

Denesha D. (Jun 2021)
“5 stars”

Crystal Z. (Jun 2021)
“Good landlords. We moved because the owner of the house was selling it. Would definitely use them again. Alex and his team were good!”

Soma B. (Jun 2021)
“5 stars”

Tyjha F. (May 2021)
“4 stars”

Ceirra M. (May 2021)
“5 stars”

Kayla T. (May 2021)
“5 stars”

Gene J. (May 2021)
“4 stars”

Montrel W. (May 2021)
“5 stars”

Bridget T. (Apr 2021)
“Lori is great. She has done a couple inspections here and is very thorough and professional. HPM is very responsive to maintenance issues as well. Our mailbox was hit and they came out and fixed it in 12 hours. Couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommend. Thanks guys!”

Michelle R. (Apr 2021)
“5 stars”

Jerry M. (Apr 2021)
“Homeowner’s rep Lori did the semi-annual home inspection. I was unable to be there since I work out of town during the week. I made arrangements for someone to pick up my mail and asked if they could put my trash container back in the yard but they dropped the ball. Lori was kind enough to do these things for me. All of my dealings with them have been pleasant since my first encounter. Thank you, Lori.”

Ashley (Apr 2021)
“5 stars”

James J. (Apr 2021)
“5 stars”

Lavanda H. (Mar 2021)
“Thank you for great sevice”

Justin M. (Mar 2021)
“5 stars”

Zavia D. (Mar 2021)
“Ms. Lori was very pleasant and professional. Working with her was a beeeze”

Jakea G. (Mar 2021)
“Nicole was AMAZING! She went above and beyond to put me and my family into a home! When i applied i didn’t qualify for the first home i picked but she was determined to make sure that i was apart of the family and that’s exactly what she did. I always called or went to see her and always expressed how she was my “best friend” because that’s how she made me feel like my issue of finding a home mattered. Always nice, polite, and professional. I cannot thank Nicole enough (she’s in leasing) for all that she did for me. I’m sad once we signed our lease we won’t be working with her anymore but the experience she gave me while searching was wonderful. When she finally found a home i was approved for she called me and was more excited then me. Her words were “i couldn’t wait to tell you that you have been approved” she made me cry a little. Thank you so much Nicole! My forever Rental BestFriend”

Matt C. (Mar 2021)
“Lori has always been a shining star in representing her company. She’s professional, personable and extremely easy to work with. Diligent in her job as the property inspector and courtesy to the residents she serves. She sets the standard and the standard has been set high!”

Josh G. (Mar 2021)
“5 stars”

Keenan R. (Mar 2021)
“5 stars”

Carmen G. (Mar 2021)
“5 stars”

Darryl R. (Mar 2021)
“5 stars”

Samantha D. (Mar 2021)
“Homeowners Property Management was quick to respond and a good company to go through when needing to move at a time of urgency. Nicole was such a great agent to help with the process. She is extremely sweet, professional, and always willing to help! She kept us up to date with everything we needed and I would highly recommend her and the company to any others who are looking for a home!”

Nick S. (Feb 2021)
“5 stars”

LaShandra E. (Feb 2021)
“My family and I had such a unique situation because we were moving from out of state and needed something very quickly. My experience with Homeonwers Property Management has been amazing. Their friendliness, willingness to help us secure a place, and responsiveness is a breath of fresh air! Moving can be a stressful process and they took the hassle out of that. I can’t imagine renting from anyone else!”

Ronnie B. (Feb 2021)
“5 stars”

Kiear C. (Feb 2021)
“Mrs Nicole gross and kiana Bautista are exceptional employees. As homeowners property management is probably the busiest and most popular rental company in Fayetteville; I am certain they get very annoyed and aggravated with their work load and dealing with the ignorance people can have sometimes but these two ladies never show it. They are always warm and welcoming kind and please and present themselves with a bright smile. They are truly gems of their workplace and deserve raises and promotions. They are extremely helpful with their services. Owner is the company if you’re reading this please applaud them and acknowledge their hard work. They deserve it 1000 times over. This is not a one time experience for me. I’ve came in their spot and I call slot and have dealt with them many times. Personally I want to do something for them for their hard work just to show my appreciation as a consumer. Thank you guys for being amazeballs”

مواطنة  (Jan 2021)
“5 stars”

Robert A. (Jan 2021)
“5 stars”

Kayla L. (Jan 2021)
“5 stars”

Ashley M. (Dec 2020)
“5 stars”

Tiffany H. (Nov 2020)
“Now we’ve had our ups and downs since moving to Fayetteville and renting our home, but I can definitely say the company itself will listen when you have an issue. I think we have a great team on our side and have been fortunate to deal with some people that actually care. We just signed a new lease in a new place with them and we’re really hoping things go a lot smoother. But I know we can trust in them to help when we need it. And Kiani is absolutely awesome if you get to work with her. Thank yinz!”

Mel B. (Sep 2020)
“the staff at homeowners property management, went above and beyond for me and my family. From helping me find the right place even after someone else got to it before us, to making sure my family and i were able to have everything we needed for a smooth move in process.. even dealing with situations that arised in a more timely manner then I’ve ever experienced before with any other company. Shout out to Nicole, Kiani two of the best representatives I’ve ever dealt with, without them my new home would not be possible. Thankyou again ladies !”

Danielle H. (Sep 2020)
“Made moving easy!! My brother was moving to NC and I couldn’t help him find a home, until Jason P reached out!! We found my brother the perfect home, in a wonderful neighborhood, and at a great price. HPM made applying a breeze and got him approved fast.”

Lisa P. (Sep 2020)
“Dealing with HPM has been such a pleasure. They are not your average property management company. The management teams, vendors, and receptionists are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of their various properties. I rented a year ago and am pleased to sign a second year with HPM and my owner. Thank you HPM for changing my opinion of property managment companies.”

Dominick R. (Sep 2020)
“5 stars”

Tashana L. (Aug 2020)
“Very courteous! Respond very quickly and direct. Thank you for responding to my emails.”

Vasa F. (Jul 2020)
“Ms. Kelsey, I just want to thank you for your quick response to everything!”

Rell G. (Jun 2020)
“5 stars”

Xavien B. (May 2020)
“5 stars”

Abdul T. (May 2020)
“5 stars”

Vannie P. (May 2020)
“Homeowners’ staff are very responsive and professional in coordinating and scheduling repairs and maintenance of my property. Consistently going above and beyond in their efforts to manage and maintain my rental proprty. Thanks Vannie”

Zackery Y. (May 2020)
“Great experience during the preparation to rent our home. Jason is very professional and friendly during the inspection process. Looking forward to the business relationship we will have with this company.”

Felicia J. (Apr 2020)
“Very helpful with getting me settled with my new home”

LaToya R. (Apr 2020)
“The assistance I have received from Debbie and Gillian was excellent they both went above and beyond to assist me with my move. Due to my situation Gillian assisted me with being able to move earlier than expected and Debbie was excellent with the inspection and provided biggest huge to lift some stress off me Thank you so much to both of you for service you have provide me and my family”

Maria J. (Apr 2020)
5 stars

Ziggy Z. (Apr 2020)
This has been a wonderful experience, all of the staff were helpful and informative. Kiani Bautista, was just as determined and diligent as I in getting me and my family in a suitable home. Thank You All

Dana B. (Apr 2020)
“As a Real Estate Professional, I appreciate a Real Estate Company that is easy to get a hold of and responds in a timely manner. There are too many people getting away from true customer service, which is sad in a business that requires relationships to thrive. Thank you Homeowners PM Team for being so easy to work with!”

Shumeka F. (Apr 2020)
“Mrs.Debbie did an awesome job with the home walk through, she was very polite and everything was up to Par, I can tell the house was well kept. I appreciate you all. Great Company!!! And my son was so appreciative for the Free SweetFrog Treat, Thanks Y’all Rock!!!!”

Tiffani M. (Apr 2020)
“Debbie was very thorough and professional! Great hospitality.”

Kimutaya D. (Apr 2020)
“I just want to take the time to thank HPM for such a wonderful staff. I feel valued as a tenant of 9 years. I came to Homeowners as an active duty service member, now I’m a veteran. At a time when we are in crisis it is such a relief to know that I can depend on them when I have a question or request. Everyone is honest and amicable. I appreciate you always taking such good care of whatever my home needs and keeping me updated with everything going on in the company & community. Thank you so much for making sure that all the repairs and upkeep up my home are always in such spectacular working order. I especially want to thank the Maintenance supervisor for being a kind, professional & diligent man of his word. He ensured that the finalization of my work orders were done appropriately and that everything was in working order. I don’t know what I’d do without everyone who ensures that my tenancy with Homeoners Property Management remain a happy, safe and beautiful. So thank you from the ladies at the front desk, the rental staff, my account manger and the maintenance department. Gratefully, K.D.”

Troy P. (Mar 2020)
“I want to give a special thanks to HPM. Kiani, Nicole, and Synthia collectively showed lots of compassion, stewardship, and professionalism. Most of all they were patient! Being in the military I typically just live on post because it is easier and less stressful however, HPM was beyond helpful and courteous of my needs and expectations. I hope to do business with them in the future. Note to incoming Soldiers who are looking for housing give them a shot first; you will not regret it! Thank you HPM -Troy”

Tom R. (Mar 2020)
“Debbie did an excellent job with the move-in inspection. She was very thorough and detailed. She took me through every room and space of the house and pointed out every discrepancy, even some that I might have missed. The house is in good order and we look forward to working with HPM for the foreseeable future.”

Jeno F. (Mar 2020)
“Debbie moved me in and is a very thorough individual.. hpm and the owner got me into a great home !”

Lex H. (Mar 2020)
“A pleasure to get my first place with you guys ! Very nice people.”

Kavon O. (Mar 2020)
“Debbie was such a great help and I love homeowners thanks so much everyone”

Eric C. (Mar 2020)
“Debbie is our property manager. She is very thorough about her home tours as well as any the procedures for submitting requests for maintenance, alterations, etc. We moved here from out of state, so her excellent service was much appreciated and is s good reflection on HPM.”

Shantravia N. (Mar 2020)
“Debbie was amazing!!!!!! She did my inspection and was very knowledgeable. Will recommend to EVERYONE!!!!”

Sheveetad E. (Feb 2020)
“Kiani and Debbi are super awesome. kiani was super sweet and very helpful finding me a place in a super fast time frame ms Debbie was very nice and helpful and inspecting the house ms gillian and nicole was very helpful Thanks for everything!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a home.”

P. Vela (Feb 2020)
“So grateful for Debbie and Gillian for the outstanding effort to ensure my move takes place at the right time. I like the detailed walkthrough I got, which shows the dedication for the customer. Thanks”

Alexandria R. (Feb 2020)
“Just completed an inspection and received keys for the new house. Debbie gave us a wonderfully detailed and thorough walkthrough. She was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Would highly recommend utilizing her services.”

Jacqueline N. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie did my move in today and she was a JOY! Thanks so much for everything Debbie you really went. Above and beyond!”

Jamilah N. (Feb 2020)
“Mrs. Debbie assisted us with completing our move in inspection, she was very knowledgeable about the facts of our new home and walked through entirely to show us everything that she found. Highly recommend working with Mrs. Debbie, we instantly referred friends to work with home property management to find their new home, also.”

James G. (Feb 2020)
“Tremendous experience. Cynthia was so helpful from the moment I made contact with her. I had to move forward with a property even though I was overseas. She helped me through each step and was very accommodating despite all the issues I had. Would definitely recommend using this company for rental needs.”

Jenna S. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie did our move-in inspection and she was INCREDIBLE! She was extremely thorough, made the process a breeze, called the day after to see how everything was going and did it all with a smile! She was a blessing and makes me excited and comfortable to reach out to her if we have absolutely any issues. Thank you Debbie at Homeowners Property Management!”

Ven C. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie was very thorough throughout her inspection process today. She made sure to make note of every deficiency no matter how minor it was and even made sure we knew exactly what and where it was. She made clear to us the process on things like alterations to the property and what to do if we needed to put in work orders for anything.”

Yronely E. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie did our moving inspections today and she has been super lovely! Definitely has made my Valentines Day superb! Such a doll, very thorough on explaining everything and walking ya through the house.”

Charles D. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie was very friendly and courteous thanks for being so helpful during my move in inspection.”

Raquel S. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie and the team here are absolutely amazing and such a pleasure to work with. They made the move in process very easy and hassle free. Everyone here is very friendly and professional. Highly recommend this rental company!”

Ronald Y. (Feb 2020)
“Very friendly staff. Helped find me the perfect home in just days. Highly recommended!”

Gunnar F. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie was amazing I accidentally arrived way too early and she was taking pictures of everything…I mean stuff I would have for sure missed, I felt like she was really looking out for me and it’s my first time renting a house so I was very nervous but she was very reassuring and helpful”

Demarquis D. (Feb 2020)
“Homeowners Property Management is great, I had the honor with working with Kiani. She was very professional and patient with me. Any questions or concerns I had she answered them. Her response time was fast so I was never waiting around for a email or phone call. She wanted me to find the perfect home for me and my family and I loved that. I would highly recommend this company to family and friends.”

Amy D. (Feb 2020)
“Debbie was kind, efficient and thorough in her tour. She is thoughtful and helpful! So grateful for her!”

Marc C. (Jan 2020)
“5 Stars”

Vita T. (Jan 2020)
“Seen apartment today and Debbie was really helpful and did a great inspection”

Luidji R. (Jan 2020)
“Debbie helped me moved into my new house and she did a fabulous job. She was very meticulous in inspecting the house and making sure everything was good for moving day. I truly appreciated her efforts in making this acquisition a smooth process.”

RealLife Riana (Jan 2020)
“Ms Debbie Eason was a pleasure to work with my overall experience was great!”

Carolin T. (Jan 2020)
“Did my walk-through with Debbie she was great! Extremely thorough, professional and caring. Made this process stress free, any question I would’ve had she already had the information for me.”

Silverbck_ss (Jan 2020)
“Kiani did a great job assisting us with getting our new home. She gave us multiple options base on our budget. I definitely recommend home owners properties management if you’re looking into getting a new home”

Ricky M. (Jan 2020)
“I just came back from a nine month deployment to Afghanistan. Ms. Kiani Bautista helped me ease from the stress to find a place to live. She worked tirelessly to get me into a house of my requirements in a timely manner. Thank you so much for being courteous and getting my application approved expeditiously. If I ever leave Fort. Bragg and come this is my first stop!!”

USMartyrMachine119 (Jan 2020)
“I enjoyed working with Debbie today! She was extremely professional, and outstanding; she had also helped streamline the process. I appreciate her working hard on her behalf during the agent’s side of the inspection.”

Francisco M. (Jan 2020)
“Debbie was very friendly, very informative and thorough. Every question I asked she could answer or tell me how about to get the answer.”

Jamaal D. (Jan 2020)
“Great company. Debbie was outstanding and thorough and help make my experience. Ms Poorman was kind and caring. I have had a good experience thus far. I love the customer service at the front desk too.”

Laxavier R. (Jan 2020)
“Wonderful job done by Debbie explained every area of the home with expertise. Made our move in very pleasant job well done.”

Runicflyer (Dec 2019)
“Debbie was very helpful to show us everything about the house and to make sure we knew everything about the house.”

Kylie O. (Dec 2019)
“Such a great experience with Homeowner’s Property Management!! Cynthia was wonderful through the entire process and couldn’t have been more helpful. Definitely recommend them to help you find a home!!”

Nacole J. (Dec 2019)
“Very Friendly and Informative and Professional!”

Kris F. (Dec 2019)
“Debbie did a terrific job during our move our inspection.”

Cassidy T. (Dec 2019)
“Debbie did my walk through and she was awesome… !!!!!!”

Katrina T. (Dec 2019)
“Had my walkthrough today with Debbie. She did an amazing job with thoroughly documenting everything down to small wall scuffs. She ensured to show me everything with the house. -I was impressed that she had already put in work orders for any issue prior to arriving. This property management company is a breath of fresh air compared to the experience I am coming from. Looking forward to working with HPM — customer service has been exceptional from start to finish.”

Amber N. (Dec 2019)
“Debbie was incredible with showing us the house and homeowners is everything we can ask in a rental company!”

Nyeisha E. (Dec 2019)
“They have a wonderful staff. They are friendly people. They made moving in very easy and stress free. The inspector debbie was very friendly and very helpful.”

Yvonne K. (Dec 2019)
“I just want to say thank you for your quick response to my pipe bursting. The plummer and carpet guys came out and did an excellent job. Everything is back in place. If you would please let the landlord know that I said thank you for everything.”

Michael L. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie was great. She picked up on things I would never have seen. Very respectful and helpfull.”

Just S. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie did a fantastic job as a property manager! Awesome and easy move in experience.”

Rebecca J. (Nov 2019)
“Cynthia was super with our house search. The house we liked was already rented but she pointed us in the right direction. I can tell she really loves helping people. Thanks!”

Bryan P. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie was exceptionally thorough and helpful throughout the move in process and was able to answer any questions that came up.”

Rakim J. (Nov 2019)
“She was very courteous and helpful. I like her. Bless her heart. Thank u Debbie”

Shane H. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie was great help with my move in inspection”

Nikki C. (Nov 2019)
“We’re moving in today and Debbie was a great help walking us through our new home for our move in inspection. I’m hoping the service will continue to be as great.”

Kaelie H. (Nov 2019)
“Ms. Debbie was a delight and made sure everything was ready for our move in. She also went out of her way to make a call checking on me. Really did appreciate that.”

Kate F. (Nov 2019)
“While looking for places in the area I was helped by Cynthia, Kiani and Danielle. They answered all the questions I had, were extremely helpful, and nice. Would reccomend to anyone looking in the area.”

Angela S. (Nov 2019)
“I was looking for rentals recently in the area, and anytime I have called, Cynthia, Kiani and Danielle always were So helpful it. They answered all my questions, and were So nice!”

Dalton M. (Nov 2019)
“My wife and I were looking for a new home to rent. We just got stationed here at Bragg and wanted something close to base. The staff was helpful. Kiani and Cynthia were so kind. Danielle helped us with our list and made the process super easy for us being new to the town.”

Chelsea B. (Nov 2019)
“I went in to look for rentals in the area. The staff was amazing! Danielle and Cynthia helped me pick out several in my criteria. Kiani is very knowledgeable about the area. They accommodate the military and we were so pleased with the help we received! Cant wait to work with them again soon!”

Mikayla A. (Nov 2019)
“I’ve been at my place for almost two weeks, and I feel like HPM was the best decision I’ve made when looking to move. Debbie Eason and the ladies in the office were such great help!”

Angel M. (Nov 2019)
“Kiani and Her co workers cynthia and Danielle were extremely helpful with finding me a home I greatly appreciate the urgency and excellent customer service that they all had shown. Thank you so much KIANI!!!!!”

Tiffany J. (Nov 2019)
“The company and employees are very friendly and professional! I moved into my apartment with their help this past July. Cynthia, Kiani, and Danielle are all so friendly and very helpful!”

Priscilla H. (Nov 2019)

Ken H. (Nov 2019)
“4 Stars”

Robneisha W. (Nov 2019)
“Ms.Debbie was outstanding. She was very patient, informative, & thorough with our move in inspection to 6340 greycliff dr. Thank you !”

Rachel L. (Nov 2019)
“AWESOME ! Moving in can be stressful. Debbie , Gillian , and Nicole helped the process go seamless and stress free . Any question we had were answered right away and any concerns upon moving in were handled immediately and effectively. The customer service of others in the office was a breath of fresh air, directing us to who we needed to work with, while super friendly.”

Tariesa R. (Nov 2019)
“5 Stars”

Samantha H. (Nov 2019)
“We just had our wonderful walkthrough of 207 Bear Creek Dr with Debbie. She was extremely thorough and friendly. It was just as long as it needed to be and every little chipped paint had already been accounted for. Nothing was unexpected either and the place was in great condition.”

Troy N. (Nov 2019)
“Skeptical I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about the validity of Home Owners Property Management. My concerns were totally dismissed. So far… So good. I would like to particularly like to mention Debbie(hope i spelled her name correctly). Debbie was very professional and precise in her efforts to detail the ins and outs of the property. It was like almost too much information…”just kidding”. Honestly… She was absolutely great. She asked if I had any questions. My response… You answered any questions I did or could have… And then some. I am from Ny… And my transition to Fayetteville has been rocky at best. Let me just say… Thank you Debbie… And the rest of the Home Owners Property Team. Thank you.”

Marylou H. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie was very professional and thorough. She was very courteous and covered all our needs for our move in inspection.”

Jaida D. (Nov 2019)
“Debbie is very kind & gave us a full walkthrough of the home. very helpful”

CC H. (Oct 2019)
“We recently moved in and they made the process very simple. They were honest about any damages and listed every wear and tear on the move in check list. They took pictures as proof. It was very thorough so we didn’t have to do much regarding the move in check list. Any maintenance requests are usually initiated within 24 hours and repairs are completed very quickly. Staff is friendly and professional.”

Juli R. (Oct 2019)
“I contacted Cynthia in the leasing office looking for a rental for my mother. She was extremely helpful and kept me updated when one of the properties we were interested in was having some issues and was not available to be shown. Well, we sign the paperwork next week for that exact house!! Thanks so much for everything!!!!”

Madontrenique C. (Sep 2019)
“Kenna was welcoming and helpful with directing me to the correct department to inquire about a rental property. Cynthia in the leasing office made sure that the application process was clear & easy. I am happy to have found a property through this company. These ladies did an awesome job!”

Desiree’ C. (Sep 2019)
“Recently just got a rental. They work well with and especially the receptionist Kenna Clay!!! She was amazing she helped me through everything got me to the right People and it was a done deal from there.”

David E. (Sep 2019)
“Easy process and followed up promptly throughout my process of renting a home. More specifically, Cynthia was very helpful and quick to respond to all of my emails and phone calls.”

Pike (Sep 2019)
“I just moved into my place and the experience was so nice. The ladies in that office doesn’t play when it comes to finding you the right home, getting you those keys ASAP, and making a dream a reality. Kiani, Danielle and Cynthia are amazing people to work with. I suffer from ptsd and had a melt down when I mistaken the wrong house to be for rent. So technically the house I wanted I never saw. LOL! Cynthia went the extra mile and got me in before I could even walk out the door to view it! I’m so in love with it. I mean it blew my mind! My gf, friends and family are currently looking for a home threw Homeowner’s Property because of my experience. Thanks for everything! Thanks for the hug, and this whole staff rocks”

Al M. (Aug 2019)
“My wife is a tenant as I am overseas, and I felt the need to reach out to some special people. Nikki moved her into our home last year. She has been there for EVERY little problem and it didn’t matter how big or small. She LOVES working with team 2. Holly has also been there for us and together they make a top notch team. 2 of the best Property Managers I’ve experienced. Lisa and Alex welcome we haven’t worked with you yet but I’m sure we will in the future. I see some reviews that people post over one issue. I saw a few on yelp that literately made me laugh. Don’t go with the emotional post as they are usually not always correct and honestly who wouldn’t be rude to some of you. Ignorance is bliss people”

Andra K. (Aug 2019)
“These five stars are well deserved by the home inspector Kyle Alcala. This is my second inspection with him, he has been the inspector for a little over a year now and I have lived at this property for a year. He is the GOOD GUY! Always has a smile and is very thorough with a listening ear. I know he does not come out to handle any unfinished business with work orders or things of that nature, However once you move into a rental property the only face you see is the home inspector. Get the visual? From the time I open my door I don’t stop talking with him about my concerns or simple questions about everyday workings within my home. He is always kind always has an answer and I know I make the appointment run longer than allotted, He never rushes me and he always gets back to me with the status of his report. I always feel validated after an inspection with him like just maybe The Home Owner + The Property Management Company + The Tenant = Team. If This is shared with my home owner Daniel, I THANKYOU you have been very good to my family. Anyone can see you care about your property by the way you keep it up. Thanks Kyle see you in 6 months.”

Ash (Aug 2019)
“By far the best rental experience I’ve ever had. From applying to vacating the property, this company has a very efficient customer oriented process. My team, Holly and Nikki always made me feel like I was their only and most important tenant. They check on you. They work around your schedule. They resolve property maintenance issues and are very responsive. A very friendly environment. Just makes you feel at home and it’s like you know everybody. If you are looking for exceptional property management and care, whether renter or owner, HPM is the place. Ask for Holly and Nikki.”

Antoine G. (Aug 2019)
“Holly Hayes and Nikki Moore helped alot thru this renting experience. I have Been renting with them for a year and feel welcomed every time we meet. I owe alot to these ladies that pushed for me thru hard times and thank them for everything. If your looking for trustworthy home rentals, home owners property is the ideal place too look.”

Jaylen S. (Aug 2019)
“I have been helping my sister look for a home in the Fayetteville area since they are relocating (due to military) Every company I called would barely help me. I finally reached out to homeowners property management. I honestly expected the same response as the other four companies I contacted prior but I was wrong. I reached a Ms. Danielle and she was very helpful. I was directed to their website and told me once I had an idea of what My sister would like She can help us further. I called back with my sister by me this time but I spoke with Ms. Keyani. She answered all my questions and even explained more than I expected. It also helped she is familiar with the military lifestyle and was patient. She reassured us we weren’t a burden with every time I apologized because of All the concerns we had. Finally Ms. Cynthia keep her updated on the application process the whole time, we must have called once A day maybe twice. I am so impressed with this company. My sister got a beautiful home and they removed a huge weight off her shoulders with this out of state move. I am beyond thankful for them.”

Morgan J. (Aug 2019)
“Cynthia, Kiani, and Danielle were wonderful to work with! Each one of these ladies were so nice and made our entire leasing process super quick and easy. They made our experience with HPM great! I would definitely recommend this group! They will do everything they can to help applicants and speed up the process!”

Kim B. (Aug 2019)
“Holly, Nikki and Gillian were wonderful to me and my family when we needed a home . Our home got burnt down and we needed a rental home until our home was rebuilt they rented us a beautiful home and even extended us out on our lease until our home was completed . We didn’t have any issues with our rental and any questions I had they answer them right away.. thank you guys for being such a great rental office and treating your tenants so wonderful …”

Miya J. (Aug 2019)
“Cynthia made the entire process to move in and apply very easy. We were moving from out of state and she made herself available to us through email and phone whenever we needed. Very professional and has answered every question that we have had.”

Lizzie P. (Aug 2019)
“My experience with Homeowner’s Property Management Team and the inspectors have been one of the greatest experiences yet. They are kind, considerate and most of all always on top of any issues I have thus far presented to them. I am very particular about almost everything in and out of my condo and not once have I felt they did not want to listen to me. Sometimes I do not use my portal, which I know I should and they accept my calls without hesitation. Using the Portal is what I always try to do but sometimes I forgot. They never once have expressed to me any anger or resentment. Using their portal is the system that makes them even more effective and now I use it most of the time. The day I make contact with them about a pending issue, they immediately respond within that day. The next day I get a call from the vendor to set up an appointment and the next day the job is complete. I am very particular about most things and they are even more particular than I am. My plans are to stay here until I leave this world or until they put me out. They have an awesome team and I would recommend to any one “if u are looking for a dynamite, energetic, responsive, hard working team, who looks out for the interest of their clients, then Homeowners property management is exactly who you are looking for.”

Kimutaya D. (Aug 2019)
“I truly appreciate the excellent treatment HPM has been to me these past 8 years I’ve been with the company. Everyone from the ladies at the front desk, maintenance and leasing office are professional, amicable and amazing.”

Julia C. (Aug 2019)
“My first impression of this company has been Astonishing! Kiani, Danielle & Cynthia have been amazing working with me to find the perfect house! This company has been very patient with me. They have made me feel like a priority while being in a different state.”

Kaitlyn Z. (Jul 2019)
“Holly was incredibly helpful and accommodating in every step of our rental process! From move in/out inspections, to answering whatever questions or concerns we had, she was nothing short of great! She made our first time renting a stress-free experience!”

Eddie S. (Jul 2019)
“Great people to work with.. They have nothing but good home for poeple to move in”

Taylor S. (Jun 2019)
“Cynthia has been amazing to work with! She made our move from Colorado to NC a breeze! Anything we’ve needed along the way she has been more than willing to help no questions asked! If you’re looking for housing in the Fayetteville area DEF give her a call :)”

Marge (May 2019)
“Professional,always on hand,down to earth and practical, sensitive to your needs and circumstances, great portfolio of houses.”

Alicia H. (May 2019)
“Cythia has been great! Communication is the best! Very friendly and professional!”

Robin M. (May 2019)
“I would love thank Holly and Nikki for their hard work ,they are a very dedicated team when it comes to providing excellent customer service of their tenants . I thank them for making the transition smooth when it came to my family moving on to home ownership after 7 years of rental ,again thank you so much and God Bless you both . Homeowner / Remax team is Awesome and I give my referral ☺️ To anyone that I know .”

Javier R. (May 2019)
“Thank you Cynthia for assisting in making the the leasing process fast and easy for me to sign. Highly recommend everyone to use Homeowners Property Management….”

Kia O. (May 2019)
“Great experience with Homeowners Property Management with obtaining one of their rental properties. They are very professional, fast and efficient. Very helpful and friendly staff.”

Marchea D. (May 2019)
“This has been by far my best rental experience. The property managers and leasing dept. are so nice and very professional. Any questions you have if they don’t have, trust they will have it no later than an hour. I love my new home and I am so thankful for HPM!”

Tarys T. (May 2019)
“Very professional and helpful staff!”

Keisha J. (May 2019)
“I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with this company especially Holly and Nikki. Above and beyond satisfied there Is not enough stars for there service. They found me and my kids a home within hours of a failed move in attempt. They made me feel like they truly cared about our needs. They where nice. They got back with me in timely manner about all of my concerns. Thankyou so much.”

Quincapotomus (Apr 2019)
“Overall great experience. Every step of the process was clearly laid out. The staff was friendly and help us out when we messed up on the application process. I would recomend this place for renting to anyone i know”

Chris M. (Apr 2019)
“I have searched carefully for a new beginning for my son and I though we faced dead-ends due to unfortunate circumstances. Cynthia and her staff from Homeowners Property Management are truly a blessing. Strong communication without loosing patience to let you know the status with up- dates. I’ve never met a more professional and dedicated staff. If you’re looking for a well organized Property group then Homeowners Property Group is your best choice.”

Barbie W. (Apr 2019)
“Just signed my new lease… so far so good working with the staff. They responded to all my questions in a timely manner and kept me updated with the application process. All ladies that I encountered had a positive attitude and made things very convenient for me.”

HDC (Apr 2019)
“Holly and Nikki were extremely helpful from start to finish. From initial application approval to move in date. They were punctual with responding to any questions or requests. Kiani was very nice and professional when i spoke with her as well. I would definitely reffer Homeowners Property to anyone i come across in need of a rental!”

Chun H. (Apr 2019)
“Holly and Nikki were a great team in taking care of me during my tenure with their rental property.”

Jessica S. (Mar 2019)
“We had an amazing experience with homeowners! Robbie did our walk through and our move out inspection and was nothing but professional, friendly and honest! Highly recommend this company!”

Bobby W. (Mar 2019)
“Lisa is a pleasure to work with. Very professional and courteous.”

Faye S. (Mar 2019)
“I just wanted to let your manager and the homeowners know that during the unfortunate situation Nikki has done an outstanding job of helping to resolve the problem. The people she has sent out are very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. It is always easy for someone to write a bad review but l wanted to take the time to let you know Nikki is AWESOME . Nikki I appreciate all that you have done to make my stay during this time very pleasant. Thank you for your compassion, it really means a lot to me. So once again THANK YOU”

Gvnm T. (Mar 2019)
“The leasing manager Cynthia was very helpful. I highly recommend to do the application at the office, she was very informative and helpful, even though they are extremely busy and non stop phone’s ringing, but they will stop to assist you. I didn’t lease a home from them, due to another applicant who applied before me and was approved. It’s a first come first served wait. Good luck to all, thank you.”

Rich M. (Mar 2019)
“Top notch inspection team here at HPM! Kyle delivered top service quick efficient and professional! From the always wonderful always Pleasant staff in the front. To the easy to work with rental dept. This place is a ten!”

Brandy M. (Feb 2019)
“I am a tenant and I came home from work and the heat was stuck on 99 degrees. The house was Smokey and everything was hot to touch. It was unbearable. I contacted Kenna not only did she take care of everything she also made sure to call me later because she wanted to make sure I was ok. I’ve rented from this company since 2010 and this was the smoothest I’ve ever had someone handle maintenance work. Thank you so much.”

James M. (Feb 2019)
“Very Helpful, and kind to everyone that walks in. Answered any and question guided, us thru the whole process of finding and renting a house.”

Angie W. (Jan 2019)
“My husband and I had a really good experience here. We moved to Fayetteville with no home picked out in advance, wanting to see homes before we chose one. We looked at TONS of different places and decided on one off their list. They have multiple computers in their leasing office, making it easy to look through their options and map out where to go to make your time worth the search. We could take keys for 5 places at a time, making our timing more efficient. The employees were so patient, not pushy, and were knowledgeable with our multiple questions. Once we chose a place, we noticed several windows needed to be replaced. They immediately got on the phone to ask the landlord if he would replace them, which he immediately agreed to, which made us feel like both parties were responsible and took our concerns seriously. Overall, our experience with Homeowners Property Management was really positive and helpful during a major transition.”

Susan H. (Jan 2019)
“Cynthia has been the biggest help, always greeted me by my name which makes it feel personal. The ladies in leasing department have been so friendly and willing to help with any questions & concerns. I give them a 5 star for their professionalism & getting their work done on a timely manner.”

Katherine J. (Dec 2018)
“I called to get some information on a condo. The lady I first spoke with was very nice and took the time to find someone who could answer every question I had. I spoke with Nicky, who took the time to answer ALL the questions I could think of and had great patience with me. I’m going through a separation and I’ve been a homeowners for more than 20 years. She made me feel so much better about the process. Thank you so much young lady and I will be submitting my online application the first of the year. Merry Christmas”

Alan R. (Nov 2018)
“I would like to say, I do like the speed and efficiency of this system as well as the speed and efficiency of getting work orders submitted and reviewed. So far it has been an awesome experience, I dare say my best experience so far with any kind of home agency. Thanks”

Sarah R. (Nov 2018)
“We have started renting a home through them and so far no issues! They were extremely helpful with all questions and very honest. The move in inspection was very thorough. The house has some normal wear and tear but nothing that is of concern. So far we are very happy with our choice to use them. Will update the review when the time comes for us to move!”

Antone R. (Nov 2018)
“I appreciate you guys so much and thank you for allowing me to rent with you guys all these years.”

Abier A. (Nov 2018)
“5 Stars”

Kelly Y. (Oct 2018)
“I would give 6 stars if I could. Amazing service, Amanda is a godsend , always responds to my questions immediately. I could not be happier with the service proved by Homeowners Property Management.”

Suzan R. (Oct 2018)
“Please let the owners know I said Thank you for allowing me to renew my lease. I love living in the home. Thank you guys for always working hard for the owners and renters.”

Marty S. (Oct 2018)
“I do believe on bragging about people when they do something worth bragging on! As most of you probably know we sold our home of over ten years and moved into a rental—might add we did this on the Sunday of Hurricane Florence. When they knock on your door and tell you there is a mandatory evacuation in your neighborhood it gets “REAL”! Luckily for us we had rented a home the week prior from Homeowners Property Management. There were a lot of moving parts going on but even in a hurricane Melinda and Cynthia where incredible to work with! If this group can get us moved in during a hurricane I can only imagine what they can do in “calm” conditions. Nice job to everyone at Homeowners Property Management!

Tiffany C. (Oct 2018)
“Ms. Cynthia is very amaxing and very detailed to the itty bitty.She helped me get through the process that was hard but with her help it went smooth sailing. I am grateful for people like Ms. Cynthia. She made my experience a lovely one. She will get the job done.”

Erin D. (Sep 2018)
“Let me first say that your guy with Inspection Ready Pressure Washing is fantastic.  He goes the extra mile to fix things and fix them right!  He, and you both, are very much appreciated!”

Tammy S. (Sep 2018)
“Thank you for such a quick response. You all do a great job!”

Russell C. (Aug 2018)
“Hi, Janet, I appreciate your help and it was my pleasure to speak with you. You are indeed an asset to HPM. Because you were diligent in your efforts it resulted in both me and my wife’s stress level of transitioning in this move to decrease tremendously. Again, Thank you very much.”

Joshua H. (July 2018)
“Ms. Ashley was beyond nice and professional at the same time, almost had me extend my lease.”

Melinda M. (July 2018)
“The environment is welcoming and professional as soon as you walk in the door. The women from the leasing department are so friendly and helpful! What a wonderful place to find a home!!”

Sam V. (July 2018)
“Susanne Bullard was the first contact we had with homeowners regarding the property. From the beginning, I have to say, Susanne went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of throughout our tenancy. She has always been the epitome of professionalism and genuinely cared about anything we brought to her attention. I’m sure you’re well aware of what an asset you have in Susanne, but I want to make sure the fact is well heard. I have rented properties throughout the years, and have never had a better rental experience. I am also a local Realtor and have plenty of knowledge of how some offices operate. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment or customer service. If we didn’t just purchase a home, I would have stayed with HPM until we did solely because of the service Susanne has given us.”

CJT (June 2018)
“Holly and Gillian are prompt, nice and just down right awesome. Y’all ROCK!!!!!!!!”

Christy S. (June 2018)
“Everyone is extremely professional! Totally made us feel at home. Thank you!”

Russell C. (June 2018)
“My wife and I relocated from out of state to a home managed by “Home Property Management”. Moving from one state to another in itself can be nerve wrecking if anything does not go according to plan, especially if you have NO PLAN “B”. Our Property Mgr. Ericka Hollingsworth from the first time we met her was very professional, thorough and Friendly. She always made herself available for us if we had any concerns and worked diligently to address them. Ericka was careful not to move out of her area of expertise but, would always see that we were connected to the right person(s). What a great person to have on your team. It has been a pleasure dealing with her.”

Myrtis S. (June 2018)
“AC went out around 430 Saturday afternoon, called in emergency hotline because heat was coming through the vents even after the AC was off. Kenna was so nice to me over the phone, she immediately went to work getting in touch with the owner and getting someone setup to come out. She continued to checkup on me later into the night and early on Sun”

Dallas S. (June 2018)
“We would like to add that Terrance has been an incredible landlord and that the current property management company has provided outstanding service. Thank you very much.”

Tasia V. (May 2018)
“Best property management in Fayetteville,Nc. Suzanne and Cynthia helped us with in minutes, getting turned down numerous times at other property managements, HPM helped us get into our dream home.”

James A. (May 2018)
“Suzanne Bullard and Cynthia Jackson-Delawder were such a great help in assisting myself and my fiance in renting our new home. Very pleasant people to deal with and certainly worked very hard to make our application process very smooth and seamless. I would definitely recommend renting from this company as i have had negative experiences with other companies in the area. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

Brandy C. (May 2018)
“5 stars”

Billie R. (May 2018)
“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Ashley for taking my manic calls and dealing with xyz company while I was at their office. I couldnt believe that they would tell me they needed a phone call and after I sat in the waiting room for 10minutes I checked in and then was told I had to have an email. I was beyond frustrated, but Ashley was truly wonderful to get this resolved so quickly. Thank you so so much-Billie”

Mikayla K. (May 2018)
“Cynthia was super sweet and easy to work with! I had a lot of questions about our lease but she was really patient and helpful!”

Gilbert C. (May 2018)
“5 stars”

Ricky F. (Apr 2018)
“For any one looking to rent a home let be the first to tell you this a grate place to go to fine a home the people that work here are the best like M.s LOLLY its a blessing to have her for a property manager.”

Trevor S. (Apr 2018)
“This has been the best experience I have had thus far! Miss Suzanne has been extremely incredible, kept constant communication, Pleasant throughout the entire experience. Her personality, professionalism, and service is the best I have experienced while looking for my home! I highly recommend homeowners Property Management to anyone in search of a new home.”

Kristin W. (Apr 2018)
“I was really nervous about never finding a home to rent & the ladies in the leasing department were so sweet & helpful! I looked at three houses they thought would fit mine and my husbands needs the best, I chose the home & we were able to move in the next day! These ladies were great!! Highly recommend Homeowners Property Management! We love our new home!!”

LaKeisha C. (Apr 2018)
“Holly & Gillian have been so helpful with my move-in. I had a few personal challenges moving in and they were so accommodating and understanding! I look forward to having them as property managers during this time. My children and I FINALLY have a place we can call home!!!! Thank you Homeowners Property Management!”

Kris S. (Apr 2018)
“Fast, efficient, and friendly service!”

Siramad M. (Apr 2018)
“Completely satisfied with this company. Excellent customer service. They were very helpful to make our move possible. I recommend it at 100 percent.”

Karcanda G. (Mar 2018)
“To the amazing group at Homeowners Property Management on Yadkin Rd. Thank you for the flawless service you extended to me. I love the house, each afternoon after work, I feel very relaxed! Thank you…  my move in was very smooth, and i am very happy with my new home. I believe that I will love the tenant portal for all my rental needs. Thanks for making my decision, and payments so easy. Holly and Gillian are amazing…Thanks ladies…”

Malik B. (Mar 2018)
“The staff at Homeowners Property Management has shown the utmost professionalism and dedication to ensure satisfaction from tenants. Anytime I’ve ever needed something, Ms. Cynthia has always responded in a timely manner to assist me in my request. I’m very grateful and I highly recommended HPM to anyone I know.”

Margaret W. (Mar 2018)
“I helped my daughter lease a home in Raeford, and we both had an exceptionally professional experience dealing with Cynthia! Would highly recommend using them!”

Andrea P. (Mar 2018)
“I was having a bad day but was planning to move just stressed out but when I went into the leasing office at Homeowners Cynthia the agent that helped me turned everything around she was so pleasant and polite she even made me smile ,she turned my whole day around she is such a sweetheart. Thanks Cynthia you made my day!!”

Kimberly H. (Mar 2018)
“I’ve loved my experience with Homeowners Property Management! Everything was quick and easy and the staff is so friendly. Definitely recommend!”

Ashley P. (Feb 2018)
“I came in this office on a Thursday to inquire about a house, and got the keys to move in the next Wednesday! The women in the office (Susanne and Cynthia) were SUPER helpful and answered every question I had with patience. I highly recommend this property management company!”

Anthony H. (Feb 2018)
“Outstanding customer service, prompt replies and excellent empathy towards the needs of customer satisfaction! This review is on Mrs. Keena Leach of Homeowners Property Management who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to take care of customer needs and as a tenant with 4 and a half years of doing business with HPM, never have I been in the office and not seen her with a very welcoming smile, warm personality and an eagerness to resolve issues and help everyone feel important and valued as human beings and/or customers. Whenever there was a problem, whether big, small or petty, she always made me feel like a priority! The issues are always resolved timely and she even takes the time to check in on you and makes sure the matter was fixed or at least addressed. To be honest, the only reason I’m still in this house I only planned to be in a couple of years at the most, I’m still here because the level of customer service she exhibits is almost impossible to come by now a days! Particularly with real estate companies. So needless to say, I have been extremely pleased and satisfied with Mrs. Keena’s professionalism and excellence in making my experience with this company a very positive one and it’s great to know that there are good people doing good business in the real estate world!! I would recommend anyone to this company and if you have the pleasure of dealing with Mrs. Keena, I would say I believe it is impossible anyone leaves without a smile. Thank you Mrs. Keena and Homeowners Property Management for such a reliable and great relationship experience for me and my family!”

Cori D. (Feb 2018)
“Outstanding customer service, prompt replies and excellent”

Kimutaya D. (Feb 2018)
“I’ve been a tenant for 7 years and can’t ever imagine doing business with any other real estate company. The entire staff including leasing, inspection and property management departments are extremely professional, courteous, amicable and considerate. Cynthia Dewalder is a breath of fresh air in leasing. Robert Swain is a down-to-earth, thorough impeccable inspector. And Gillian Kellum is a dynamite, no nonsense and respectable property manager. These warm, understanding individuals make my family feel at home with their company. And the new dream home Cynthia helped me and my sister find is far beyond what we originally searched for. Thank you Homeowners for being a company that makes dreams a reality for my family. Our loyalty remains yours indefinitely.”

Gerrayl B. (Feb 2018)
“I am amazed at the amount of flexibility this organization has when it comes to helping service members. My wife, small child and I needed to re-locate with short notice and Cynthia made this happen with little effort and a big smile. I am extremely thankful for the Fayettville Homeowners Property Management and their phenomenal staff!!”

Elmer O. (Jan 2018)
“hola solo dejarles saver que suzanne cynthia son unas exelentes y profecionales haciendo su trabajo y son de lo mas amables son unas personas maravillosas se las recomiendo . muchas gracias por sus cervicios” We don’t speak Spanish, but we think google translation was close to your intended comments: “hola let alone suzanne cynthia saver that are a exelentes and profecionales doing their job and are the kindest are wonderful people they recommend. thank you very much for your”

Letrice O. (Jan 2018)
“This by far has been the best fast track experience yet! Cynthia and Sue have been the best team ever and have really helped me out during this time in welcoming my husband back home!!!”

Tim R. (Jan 2018)
“I have been a tennant for several years and I have had no issues with the company.”

Dadma C. (Jan 2018)
“This company has an excellent work team and customer service. Suzanne and Cynthia took care of our lease paperwork in a prompt manner. This property management is committed to listen and help their clients. I highly recommend them.”

Melissa B. (Jan 2018)
“They were really good at assisting us with finding a perfect rental home for me and my new husband!”

Kimutaya D. (Jan 2018)
“This is the company that has always made me feel at home and I want t keep it that way. Thank you Kim P.S. My family’s loyalty will always be with Homeowners.”

Precious B. (Jan 2018)
“This was the best move-in experience ever. Just sign out a few keys and off you go. The staff was very helpful and extremely nice. They will do everything in their power to get you in a nice affordable home. I am confident that I will have nothing but good communication and great service while I am with this organization!! Suzanne and Cynthia you rock!!!”

Amanda E. (Jan 2018)
“The staff made moving such a pain free and effortless process for us! Not only did they maintain great communication, but they also worked with our current military status as well. Friendly staff! Would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone looking to move to the area!”

Andre T. (Jan 2018)
“Stachia was so helpful with helping my husband and I choose a reliable home and helping us move in as soon as possible”

Katelyn C. (Jan 2018)
“I will recommend Homeowners property management to anyone I know who is looking for a new home to own or rent! Suzanne was such a pleasure to work with! She is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions! Good job HPM! 🙂 -Happy renter”

James C. (Jan 2018)
“Suzanne and cynthia helped me out so much and got me into a new house very quickly and they had excellent service with me through out the whole process , highly recommended”

Rita W. (Jan 2018)
“You guys are awesome!”

Ninoshka P. (Jan 2018)
“Cynthia Jackson and her coworker were extremely friendly and helpful with helping us find our home! We looked at two house and left applying for one. We got approved within minutes and are able to move in by next week! Thank you ladies for helping us find our home!!”

Jester D. (Jan 2018)
“My property manager Sasha, was extremely helpful when i had orders to ETS she worked to get me my money back that they had taken from my auto payments even though i was living there anymore. Sasha worked in her off time to get in contact with the houses property manager and got me an answer that same day. Anybody who has sasha and ericka as their property manager is very lucky they work to get you answers to your problems the same day. They truly made my experience an enjoyable and relaxing time.”

Carla P. (Jan 2018)
“Stachia and Mrs. Suzanne Bullard are the most helpful in answering my concerns and was very helpful with getting all the information together that I needed for my utilities. I’m so thankful for having wonderful property managers that is a phone call away. I’m looking forward to working with everybody on the Homeowners property management team.”

Charlene W. (Jan 2018)
“Everyone at this establishment is very professional and courteous and performs expeditiously to get the problem(s) solved!”

Tiana B. (Jan 2018)
“Omg Cynthia Jackson-Delawder was amazing. She help me out so much with my transition. She really went over and above for me. She rocks thats how customer service should be. You rock girl. Thanks so much Tiana.”

Ray N.
“Phenomenal staff! I wanted to look at a rental property when they were about to close the office; with no hesitation they gave me the keys and told me to take my time. Ms. Malinda waited 40 plus minutes after they had close until I returned. Ms. Cynthia is bubbly and has been awesome the entire renting process. She answered all my questions and walked me step by step on filling out my application. She was very proactive in reaching out and had always beat me in calling them back. She is also extremely professional as I witness her talking to a not so nice tenant over the phone. Ms. Erica even fit me in on her very tight inspection schedule and walked with me inspecting the home. She followed up with me the next morning as well. Ms. Malinda has been so generous that she even lent me a couple of heaters before the gas company can set up the home. She goes out her way to greet me and ask if I’m finding everything all right. In two days I was in the rental. HPM has a caring, friendly, courteous, professional staff. The vibe I get from the staff is family oriented. They communicate well, they smile and they look out for each other. This company by far is the most responsive management agency that I have dealt with in my 7 plus years of renting.”

S Agos.
“Awesome customer service! Cynthia and Suzanne went far and beyond. These ladies went out of their way helping me with rental property. Keep up the great work!”

Lisa G.
“HPM has been very professional and reliable company. Cynthia was very professional and knowledgeable of all the rentals that I inquired about. She was very nice and understanding. Such a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend HPM to others who are looking for a home to rent.”

Caleb B.
“The Army gave me orders to move to Fort Bragg with only 14 days notice in the middle of a major holiday. In that time, Suzanne, Cynthia, and their team found me a place to live, that was available on time, and allowed me to bring my dog. I honestly could not have moved successfully without them! Thank you for all your hard work!”

Elizabeth M.
“Awesome ! Absolutely adore the leasing staff, and so did my little daughter. Very professional, and efficient.”

Erin D.
“I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your kind assistance today. Some would not have seen through the paper and numbers to help me like you did, and I am incredibly grateful for that. I LOVE my new house, and am so excited to make the move! Your customer service was truly a pleasure from start to finish for leasing – amazing! I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to deal with your level of professionalism – you ladies clearly do an amazing job daily. You have made a positive change for me and I appreciate it more than you know. I will not disappoint, and I look forward to working with you both in the future!!”

Merrilee P.
“The leasing team was great at quickly getting us into our home. Everything is done online which was a new experience but nice to know that everything is also online.”

Chase R.
“Great customer service pay your rent on time and they will help you out all they can”

Chris S.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Team 2, who has went above and beyond to ensure their service and support is of excellence. Thank you Team 2 & HPM.”

“Hey guys, read this! I’ve live in the same apartment almost 3 years, and I’m pretty happy about where I live now. This is my story, so check this out. My apartment’s A/C has stopped working recently due to its age problem. I’ve contacted HPM to dropped my work order, but no one come to fix it. I was so pissed about it at first cause I’ve been waiting it so long which’s 3 weeks living without A/C in 95 degrees inside the room. There was nobody can give me a answer why it took so long. Thus, I went to the HPM office. After I waited for a while, Holly was the one who changed my thought. She told me she’s the owner almost every day and left so many voicemails to the owner which is make a lot sense to me. She’s kindness and good attitudes are the keys to convinced me. Now, the new A/C is on the way to me. It’s cost $5000 alone and I’ve heard that’s energy green product which can save some money on bills. Once again, I really appreciate it Holly! Thanks for the patience, and you are the one who really doing the job! There is no reason making me give 1 star for someone who’s trying to make the things getting the best result which is you! I’d give 5 stars for you!”

Antisha J.
“I have been using HPM for my house search and everyone that I have interacted with have been nothing but the most friendly and kindest that I have experienced in quite some time. Cynthia and Suzanne are who I have seen and spoke with the most and it is always a pleasure to be in their company. I did have a successful search with their help and I can only hope that my time with HPM will continue to be just as pleasant that it has been thus far.”

Elizabeth C.
“Great place to rent from”

Amanda G-H.
“First, please let me say that I have not yet rented a home from this company. My husband and I have been looking for a house to rent for the past couple of months and this morning we stumbled upon a house managed by HPM and although we only looked at two of their listings and have not yet rented from them, the way I was treated in their office today and the respect and sincere interest I was given by Suzanne made me want to write this review. We’ve talked to several property managers in the area over the last couple of months and you’re lucky if you even get a call back from any of them; that’s IF their pure rudeness doesn’t drive you away first. Just want to give a big Thanks to HPM for making me feel appreciated and like an actual human being because in this business that’s hard to come by around here!”

Desiree A.
“Everyone was so sweet and everything went by so fast and smooth. They will work with you to help you get into somewhere. They are military friendly and have gotten us somewhere with less then a weeks notice. I recommend to everyone.”

Kimutaya D.
“I’ve have been so very well taken care of over the years by this company I am truly so blessed and feel so lucky. Everyone from the inspector, leasing office specialists, property managers and front desk receptionists are professional and very amicable. They listen carefully and help to assist with whatever it is that I need taken care of. Recently, I had a matter that involved paperwork, 3 other parties and it was time consuming from the way I saw it. But Cynthia got the ball rolling with paperless contracts that could be sent to my phone via email. I was proud of myself for the research I’d done before calling in and it was quite a step up from the paper I printed out. When the 2nd part of the process had to be done in person with the other 2 parties I thought it’d take awhile due to the labor day weekend. Everything actually was done in less than a week! And that was including the 3 to 4-day weekend. I was so amazed at how expeditiously Sue and Cynthia got all that paperwork done juggling me and the other 3 parties involved. I guess it’s all in a very few days work and literally no sweat for the leasing department. You all are superb!”

Ivelyse V.
“I had a wonderful experience. Suzanne treated me in a very professional and caring manner. She was outstanding and helped me find just what I was looking for and needed. I would definitely recommend others!!!”

Ikisha R.
“I would like to thank Suzanne and Cynthia for the tremendous amount of help they offered me. I am beyond pleased with rhe excellent customer service. Thank you”

Alex A.
“Synthia and Suzanne in the leasing department were amazing!! I had called many property places and none could get me into a house the same day like they did! They expedited my application and got me into my house the same day! Forever thankful for them.”

Denise S.
“What an amazing expirence dealing with everyone in this office. They are very friendly and work fast. They work with you to make the move to Fayetteville, NC #Amazing”

Mark H.
“5 stars!”

Jeffrey S.
“When I came to Homeowners Property Management I did not know what to expect. They were helpful and pleasant in helping me find a home for my family. I later met with the Inspector Kaye Heck and she was fantastic. I arrived at the property, she had just completed the inspection, and we chatted at great length about the house and more. She gave me a walk through and showed me what she had found, and added things as we went along with grace. She and I did a top to bottom inspection and made plans to put in work orders for the discrepancies. She had done a great job in noting all that we found. She let me know that they put the work order in and that Homeowners Property Management portal would have information on it to follow up. Thanks Kaye and the rest of the staff I encountered at Homeowners Property Management.”

Shelby L.
“Melinda Poorman is our property manager and she made it super easy for us to move in. Everyone is kind and helpful and they treat everyone with respect, patience and dignity. I’m super thankful for going through this company. Suzanne Bullard and her assistant in the leasing office are extremely sweet and patient as well.”

Mary C.
“Suzanne was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and informative while assisting us find our new home in such a finite amount of time. She was a major asset in locating the house we loved instantly, as well as expediting our move in date. Thank you so much! :)”

Brooke F.
“Suzanne was extremely pleasant and very sincere in her efforts to help us get the home we had our eyes on. We came in in the afternoon, had keys in hand within minutes to look at the house, returned shortly after to fill out application, approved, deposit, house is ours. We are currently staying in a hotel while we searched for a house. Suzanne was aware of our situation and managed to get our move-in day 2 days from now. So happy to have found her and homeowners property management. Highly recommend. Thank you so much!!”

Howard S.
“I can’t describe the appreciation I have for your company, during one of the most stressful times of my life your staff did everything they could to ensure my family had a place to stay while my husband and myself served overseas. I’m forever grateful.”

Paul J.
“We have been very happy at Homeowners from the time we walked in to their office to living very happily in our rental today! Our Realtor found the rental for us after viewing nearly 20 homes from other companies, none of which were taken care of, looked very outdated, and were not very clean. This home is gorgeous, and very nice with a lot of upgrades. Outside of that, the home was very clean, the process was pretty easy, and approval was quick (1 day). We couldn’t have asked for better service. They answered all of our questions at the lease signing, met us promptly for a walk through, and continue to be very helpful whenever we have a question or request a repair. You’re in good hands with these guys! Thanks Homeowners!!”

David B.
“I will be moved by June 1 of 2017. I would like to say on a personal note it as been my privilege to rent this house and property from you as a company you excel in customer service and I have greatly appreciated calling this residence my home for the last three years. thank you so much”

Jeremy T.
“The ladies in the leasing office were the nicest most amazing people. They were very helpful and courteous. They are buy far the friendliest rental agencies I have dealt with in my life.”

“This property management company is great! They helped me find my beautiful home! Thanks Gillian and Suzanne!”

Katie T.
“My husband and I came across homeowners property management while looking at properties on zillow. We lived in housing on post for a year and had the worst experience imaginable, so we were a bit skeptical at first. From the ladies in leasing, all the way to our home inspector, Kaye, our experience has been a breeze. Everyone has been so straightforward and extremely helpful. We just moved into our home a week ago, and we are in love! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a home in the area!”

Taylor R.
“My husband and I are new to the area and are renting a property through HPM. I was initially a little skeptical because my husband came in to sign the lease before my daughter and I arrived to Fayetteville and when I went to pick up the keys in order to get the gas turned on, they were still prepared to rent out the keys to anyone. It wasn’t until I told them my husband signed the lease on the property so why were they trying to charge me $20 for the keys that they said “they didn’t know who I was”, but if the property has been rented, why are you still giving the keys out? Hopefully I was just being paranoid and that was just a clerical error of some sort. My inspector, Kaye Heck, was phenomenal. She made detailed notes about everything in the property that needs to be repaired, or cosmetic damages so I wouldn’t be charged for them later. She was extremely sweet and gave me the run down on the area, as well as how to work the tenant portal. She was just amazing.”

Ria S.
“My move-in inspection was practically seamless. Kaye Heck was able to thoroughly conduct an inspection of the unit and document everything that needs special attention before I arrived and also complete another thorough walk through with me. She answered any questions that I may have had and provided me with realistic expectations. It was greatly appreciated!”

Jonathan K.
“Kay was wonderful & very detailed in her job”

Mary G.
“The staff was a HUGE HELP to me… They accommodated me in several ways, and were/are extremely prompt with repairs, etc. Thank you Suzanne, Gillian and Kaye Heck!!!!”

Scott W.
“Had a great experience with Homeowners. Just moved into our house, Gillian helped us every step of the way, even when problems arise. Linda was very detailed when it came to the home inspection annotated all deficiencies even the most minor of one I overlooked. Overall recommend when searching for a house.”

Gustavo M.
“Kaye Heck was thorough and quick. She explained everything to me on the move-in checklist as well as other items such as payments, portal, etc.”

Ariante E.
“Very friendly people! They really helped us find the perfect home , would recommend them to everybody! Ms. Gillian and Ms. Suzanne really assisted us through the whole processes of purchasing a new home. Thank you so much!!”

Trina Q.
“Linda was so very helpful with our move in inspection and documented and took pictures of everything! Very great experience from what we have experienced in past rentals! Definitely recommend this company! Also the rental sraff Suzanne and Gillian! They made thr whole experience easy and were very helpful with all of our questions and we asked a lot! All the digital pay and digital paperwork saved time and energy and worked very smoothly!!!!! Very professional and very good people skills! They are familiar with military and can answer questions and help with the transition!”

Josh P.
“Upon moving to Fort Bragg I struggled to find a house that I was content with renting. After speaking with several rental agencies and viewing their homes, Homeowners Property Management proved to be the most friendly and accommodating of all the agencies I inquired with. During my move in inspection Kaye Heck was essential in ensuring me that I would have not trouble with any of the prior issues relating to the home. She was professional and was very in depth with her inspection. The move out inspection went even smoother as she called me a week prior to inspection to ensure that I was aware of their expectations and what I needed to worry about to retrieve my full deposit back. During the inspection she allowed me to touch a few areas I overlooked and was very patient and friendly through out the process. Thanks Kaye for you dedication and hard work, it has been greatly appreciated”

Carly O.
“Wonderful experience! Everyone is so nice and the application process was easy. Recommend.”

Krystal A.
“Wonderful The office was so pleasant to work with, very fast, polite, and efficient. My inspector, Kaye Heck was awesome very informative. I absolutely loved my experience and would recommend this company you anyone”

Bree D.
“Kaye helped me with a good inspection and in a time efficient way. It was a very painless experience.”

Darlesia M.
“Everyone I have encountered at home owners are very pleasant and professional. Mrs Swope did my inspection and noted everything as I would have. Lovely homes and friendly staff!”

Salita H.
“I have to say our experience was up and down, only due to maintenance issues when we first moved in, thing still didn’t get fixed by the time we moved out. I do have to say though when it was time to move out we had an awesome move out inspector Kaye Heck.. she was very thorough with everything and very informative and super friendly. She didn’t leave any questions unanswered!! Thank you Kaye for all the information you gave us, we felt very informed.”

Jay J.
“Outstanding customer service!!! Just moved from Texas they were waiting with keys in hand at the residence. Thank you HPM!!!!”

Adam S.
“Homeowners Property Management is a great company. I have a rental in another state and deal with my property management company often, I wish I had a team like this! They are friendly, organized and efficient. Talking with them before the move, they answered all my questions. On moving day Kaye Heck welcomed me at the house with a smile. She was fair and thorough during the inspection and made sure the house was in great condition before she handed me the keys!”

Savage L.
“Want to say thanks to Ms. Kaye Heck for doing an amazing job.”

Sade H.
“I absolutely love Homeowners!!! I was in a rush and needed a place immediately, the staff worked none stop to ensure that I had a place for my kids before me and my husband deployed. Mrs Susanne and Ms Gillian were curtious and treated my family like their own. They made this process so easy for me. Robert Swain was so understanding and helpful during the move in process. He ensured the house was in great condition for my kids. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a home.”

Amanda E.
“HPM has been extremely helpful during our moving process! My little family had to move last minute and HPM helped us find our perfect place within two days. Took less than a week to get inspections done, forms signed, and everything ready to go. The ladies in the leasing office and Robbie were especially kind and considerate.”

Glo T.
“Dec 2nd 2016, I meet Kaye Heck, nice lady.”

Kin R.
“18 years of moving for military and this has been the best experience…the leasing office ladies were awesome and the lady who did the inspection was very professional and made the process seamless…THANKS TO ALL AT THE COMPANY”

Kyra O.
“Suzanne and Gillian are pleasant to work with and they made renting from HPM very easy!”

Jafinee G.
“We’ve been with Homeowners since our old company transferred their properties over to them and I must say I’m glad they did! We have had the best experience over the past 3 years. We just moved into another property and had the same 5 star experience as usual with our inspector Ms. Kaye!”

Ebony W.
“Suzanne and Gillian (Leasing Office) are absolute jewels! Very helpful, personable, and respectful! They’re both great representations of this company because they strive to assist clients and make sure all questions are answered.”

Suzan R.
“Thank you for making the process simple and seamless. Everyone who I have been in contact with at Homeowners has been very nice, very professional and very helpful. My home inspection with Kaye Heck was very easy and informative. Kaye made sure I was aware of anything that needed to be addressed on the property and how that would be handled. She answered all my questions. She has also been great at returning my phone calls. Thank you, Kaye, for making the stressful process of moving into a new home less stressful Thank you to everyone at Homeowners for always being helpful.”

Travis F.
“My experience at Homeowners Property Management, was a great experience. I knew that I wanted to go to a rental property company, that was professional and one that took pride in their properties. I was right by choosing them. It was better than I thought! Ms. Suzanne was great, she worked with me every step of the way. I felt like we were a team, working to get the best home for my kids and myself. Ms. Gillian suggested the home that I was very fortunate to move into. I will definitely encourage my friends and anyone I know who is looking for a nice home to visit Ms Suzanne.”

Nathalie B.
“We had a wonderful experience with this property management. Suzanne worked diligently to assure my partner and I got exactly what we wanted. Kaye, the inspector was awesome and very thorough. Great service”

Brandon B.
“I had a fantastic experience with Homeowners. They are very professional, friendly, and prompt with work orders and communication. I just had my move out inspection today and they’re very fair and understanding. I’ve had experiences with other property managers that will keep the security deposit no matter how clean and well maintained the house is. I will definitely be renting through them when I get back from deployment.”

Nanje I.
“if you are looking for a place to rent, get to Homeowners Property management an ask for Gillian and Suzanne. They are leasing experts who place your needs before theirs. after the hurricane, it took them barely 2 hours to get me a home that is so beautiful to keep my family safe and good. I appreciate your hard work and hope you handle everyone with the kind of urgency and friendly attitude as you all did to me and my beautiful wife, who talks great about you guys. God bless….Leaving you smiles here.”

Nicole B.
“I had a wonderful move in inspection with Kaye Heck. This was the 1s company hat I have been with that actually documented a good bit of the problems that already exist in the home. She was very polite, courteous and honest. I pray that my move out with HPM is with Kaye, then I’m sure it will be just as great. Thank you Kaye!”

Marvin P.
“Only reason I do not rate this company 5 stars is because there’s always room for growth and improvement and I want them to continue doing business as they do. I am a new resident with Home Owner’s ,but so far so good. I would like to single out Ms. Kaye Heck whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the time of delivery. Kaye has an outstanding attitude and clearly enjoys her line of work and nothing is more refreshing than when someone goes above and beyond to make sure your best interests are in mind. Kaye is punctual, prepared, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around. Go Kaye!”

Evie S.
“I want to highly recommend the professionalism of HPM and particularly Gillian in the Leasing Department. Her efficiency, kindness and professionalism went way beyond normal customer service. She patiently answered all my questions and knew what this home meant to me. If this is the type of employees that Homeowners Property Management employs, I cannot imagine a single company in this area that could top them. As I told her when I found my place, I said, “I’m home”, and the personal customer service from Gillian played a huge roll in that. Thank you Gillian and HPM. I hope you realize the gem of an employee you have in her, because of her professionalism and personal touch in handling all of this is why I can whole heartedly say, look no further for relocating help, HPM will take care of you. Thank you Gillian, you’re appreciated.”

Chimere H.
“Had a great experience working with Gillian and Suzanne in the leasing department. They’re services was fast n very helpful!?”

Kellie P.
“INSPECTOR REVIEW OF KAYE HECK. Ms. Heck was my move out inspector recently. She was on time, professional, and extremely attentive to the apartment and my comments. I asked her many questions and she took pride in answering them fully. Moreover, I missed one detail on cleaning and she was kind enough to let me get the fans cleaned before she was finished. Again, she was kind, polite and seemed to actually enjoy her job and helping out the tenants.”

Jeanne S.
“I’m writing this review after 4 years of renting under Homeowners. My experience in the past, has not always been positive but after this week I have to say, the personnel changes have drastically changed my opinion of Homeowners Property Management! With hurricane Hermine approaching, visitors coming in for our son’s rehearsal dinner & wedding, our AC went out at the worst possible time. The heat was overwhelming when I called in a panic. I was trying my best to remain calm, knowing the holiday weekend was sure to toss a wrench into the possibility of getting anyone out here to get the ac fixed, when an angel answered the phone. BRENDA, remained professional at all times, even when panic took over on my end! She worked feverishly to get through to the homeowner, arranged a visit from an AC company to get it working and kept in contact with us throughout the process. It was a temporary fix that got us through the morning of the wedding when it gave out again. It was then that I called into the emergency number which thankfully BRENDA answered again. She once again pulled through for us and our air was working in time to cool off the house while we got dressed for the wedding. This repeated a third time in the middle of the night, three days later. Needless to say, by this time I had had enough. Heated conversations with the AC provider erupted when we called him on his lies and he backed out of coming back here to finish the job. BRENDA once again, stepped up!! Going above and beyond what we experienced in the past, staying late to call and check in on us, KEEPING HER WORD….qualities that every professional should possess when dealing with customers! I’ve come to realize, it’s not always the property managers , the homeowner plays a huge part behind the scenes…. Ultimately, it’s their call to make sure their renters are taken care of! People like BRENDA & JASON catch all sorts of holy hell from renters when something goes wrong, but stepping up and going above and beyond when it’s needed most, sets them apart from all the rest! Thank you Brenda, you truly are one of a kind!!”

Rodney S.
“Suzane and gilligan are awesome they really helped me and my wife. They deserve raises”

Paige P.
“Suzanne and Gillian were so helpful and friendly during the lease signing process. We were able to get the keys, view the homes, sign the lease, and move in all in 48 hours. We highly recommend Homeowners!”

Lynnette J.
“It has been a pleasure renting with homeowners property management. Always friendly and helpful. Their tenant portal is great!!! Leasing department ladies!! Love them!”

Erin C.
“Suzanne and Gillian were very helpful through the whole process. We had a lot of questions and they were both patient. Made a process we were nervous about easy and we walked away feeling great about the whole experience!!”

Gabe M.
“Suzanne and Gillian made our experience!!!! We are brand new to the area and were really at a loss for where to begin with our housings needs. They were more than gracious and attentive with us throughout the entire process and, more importantly, genuinely seemed to care and had a smiles not only on their faces but in their voices!!!! We are super satisfied this location and more importantly these ladies!!!!”

Meghan S.
“Although I cannot speak to the experience of renting through this agency as we have not yet moved, I can say that the application process seemed straightforward and the workers are friendly and respectful. I met with Kaye for an inspection and (FYI, haven’t ever had an inspection before) she was impressing me with her attention to the slightest detail and very diligent about explaining the process to me. Also gave me some good advice as a renter. Really appreciated it!”

Roz P.
“Working with Suzanne and Dorothy has been awesome . The customer service is great. The move in was smooth and all questions answered in a timely manner.”

Sam V.
“Homeowners has been awesome to work with from the start! When you run your own business, customer service becomes something you scrutinize more than the average consumer, and I continue to be impressed with the level of service at Homeowners. Susanne Bullard has especially went above and beyond to ensure we have a smooth process from start to finish. From the application process (extremely efficient and computer based) to lease signing, to the tenant portal (I haven’t even moved in yet, and I’ve already received access to my online tenant portal, I can see my payments, and communicate with the staff if needed) to the friendly staff, everything here is top notch! Highly recommended if you are looking for a great property management company to work with! 5 Stars all the way!”

Christine Q.
“We have been very pleased with the services! God has blessed us with the house we have been seeking and we are very thankful that Homeowners Property Management has helped us in this.”

Kisha Y.
“I had a great experience with this company. They are very professional and courteous. They were able to set our minds at ease about renting the property. Great place to rent from. Big thanks to Dorothy McLean for all her help!!! She was absolutely awesome!!! Susanne was very courteous. They made us feel welcomed and apart of the community right from the start!”

Edward P.
“The staff was very helpful (Suzanne/Dorothy), they provided all the information I need from the beginning to the end of the rental process. They met my intent and expedited my lease in order to help me with my move in plan. I would recommend Homeowners Property Management to a friend. Great team!!!”

Beatrice F.
“I’m very happy with everything and the process with Homeowners, thru leasing process and even maintenance. A special thank you to Dorothy, Suzanne and Jennifer!!!”

Rachel M.
“I have been working with Suzanne and Dorothy for about 3 weeks now trying to find a place to live. There is a wide variety of properties available with varying budget ranges, and different lifestyles. They has been VERY helpful and informative of the properties and their status, taking time out of their day to show us properties. I have visited many other rental companies in the area and they have been the most honest and courteous group I have worked with.. even both of my two little girls loved being there and gave them things to keep entertained while I took the time to look at their listings. I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone looking for a home in the Fayetteville area for anyone looking for excellent customer service! Nothing but great things to say :)”

Andrew B.
“Wonderful experience, very helpful, and knowledgable. Suzanne and Dorthy were amazing with their knowledge and advice. Thank you for yalls help”

Chelsea M.
“Suzanne and Dorothy were very helpful and answered all of my questions. I would recommend this place”

Eyser S.
“The place was really clean, very helpful staff and multiple locations to find a suitable home”

Britney B.
“Me and my husband were in town for only 2 days trying to find a house. Since we’re are military and pcs to a military town, houses go really fast. Suzanne and Dorothy were so helpful and fast and helping us find the right house for our family. We found a house within a day and we’re able to sign all the paperwork in the same day. We got the house we wanted and everything worked out of! Big thank you Suzanne for helping speed up the process!”

Rosa G.
“I contacted the property management office on a Sunday evening and they called me first thing on Monday morning. We were able to pick up keys to the property we were interested in, view the property and start the application process in a reasonable amount of time. I definitely recommend Homeowners Property Management for anyone looking for rental properties in the Fayetteville area.”

Jasmine A.
“I had an amazing experience finding a home thanks to Danielle Mcfayden! She answered all my questions, was very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff was very nice. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a place to rent to go to Homeowners Property Management!!!”

Thomas T.
“Great job, getting us into a place quick and very helpful and understanding to help with the move in process.”

Jennifer S.
“Our experience with this organization and staff, especially Melinda Poorman has been exceptional. She has gone above and beyond and exhibited great kindness and compassion. Her dedication and customer service is second to none. She is truly the epitome of excellent customer service and professionalism. She has been a God sent in our time of need. Our family will be forever grateful and recommend her and this company to everyone we encounter needing to lease or buy a home in this area.”

Danielle P.
“My family and I went there inquiring about a home to rent and walked away with everything we wanted. The team that collaborates in the office work together to effectively try to give everyone what they need in a timely manner! They are very informative and honest about the process and what needs to be done to keep the process moving forward. Compared to other agencies we want to, this one was by far the most professional and we are overly pleased with the result!”

Chase R.
“very quick and painless phones went down the next business day after I put in my application Suzanne gave me her personal cell so business could still be conducted then next day Dorothy wad out of the office Suzanne met everyone of my needs if she could not do it she told me she would look into it Dorothy was quick to respond to everyone of my emails and calls I was having car trouble the day I signed my lease me knowing they had other potential clients to deal with the were very compassionate and they did not hesitate to push my signing back by an hour we still had to get home to pick my daughter up Dorothy made sure that we understood everything in the lease quickly pushed us through the process I have to say even though it was a stressful they made the process easy thank you Suzanne and Dorothy”

Merlon P.
“Excellent place to rent from , i have been living here For 2 years and every time i had a issued they will solve in a timely manner . The property manager is very friendly.”

Ashley E.
“If you or anyone you know is moving to the Fayetteville/ Fort Bragg area, I highly recommend using this rental company. Everyone in the office genuinely cares about you and your concerns the entire time you are a client. When we originally started to find a rental property we were quickly discouraged by the lack of business ethics in this town. Other companies were showing us homes that were dirty, had mold or were not in a great area for families. Homeowners took the time to listen to exactly what we were looking for, where we wanted to be and the price range that we needed to be in. They found us the perfect home and we signed immediately. My husband and I have used them for 2 years and have always received exceptional service. Our work orders have been quickly resolved or we have been kept in the loop about delayed repairs thanks to Brenda in maintenence. We know that we will be coming back to area in the future and we will only use Homeowners Property Management for our rental needs. You should, too!”

Carolyn I.
“Good Evening and thank you so much jason! Always prompt with our needs.”

Toni K.
“Honestly, there are not enough words to describe the wonderful atmosphere over at HPM. Kristy in the leasing office is an absolutely wonderful woman! She is very fun, outgoing and incredibly helpful! She always has a smile, a great story and great information about available properties. 🙂 Dorothy, who also works in the leasing office, is excellent as well. She is very kind, helpful and thoughtful. She went out of her way to help my sister find a place and she yielded results incredibly quickly. Kelli, who works at the front desk, is an absolute joy to be greeted by and speak to upon entering the office. She is very, very nice, down-to-earth and very helpful with any issue brought to her attention. Overall, HPM is a wonderful company to work with because their professionalism is coupled with a wonderful friendly atmosphere. The three above-mentioned employees make noticeable and definitive contributions to making this an excellent place to search for homes. Yay for HPM!!!!”

Allen B.
“All problems have been solved, accordingly! Isabella is wonderful to work with! Thanks!”

Kristy P.
“I’m a tenant of Homeowners Property Management and I WOULDN’T WANT TO RENT ANYWHERE ELSE! I have not experienced anything less than SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE in the last 2 1\2 years. The KNOWLEDGEABLE, PROFESSIONAL, COMPASSIONATE, staff members are wonderful to work with. As a property management professional myself, I must say this company as a whole is the most SUPERB ORGANIZATION of its kind. Keep it up Homeowners. You have set the Bar High, EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS, and Continue to Impress!!”

“I rented from this place over two years and had no real problems. Very convenient online system. Very professional in office. Would rent again!”

Cheyenne H.
“Everyone here is so kind! Best place ever to get a home. Ms. Christy helped me so much when it came to the house my husband and I wanted. People are so friendly, from when you walk in the door to the ladies at the desk and back to the leasing department where the two ladies there who make you feel like a real friend. Thanks so much guys!”

Shawn C.
“I have to give major kudos to Brenda and all of the hard workers in the maintenance department! Whenever I have something going on that needs to be adhered to, I know Brenda will get the right vendor out to my place and the job will be done! Mr. Welker honestly is the best vendor in their all star lineup and I enjoy talking to him about football and his cousin that plays for the Rams. If you’re thinking about getting a property from Homeowners stop thinking and get that home!”

Laconyea B.
“Homeowners has been a great rental experience for me Ms.Brenda is the best,always on time and gets the job done.The staff is friendly and patient,I would recommend homeowners to plenty. Great Job.”

Benjamin V.
“The women that assisted me in leading my condo are super helpful and would not hesitate to make sure I was taking care of! I recommend using them to anyone they really do make it easy for the renter!”

Robert St G.
“So I recently moved to NC and came into this office, the staff here went out of their way in order to insure that I was happy with the home that they offered me. Their inspection was extremely thorough to insure I will not be charged with any damages that the property may have prior to my move in date. I am very pleased with the home and would recommend Homeowners Property Management to anyone looking to rent or purchase a home.”

Mrs P.
“The personnel that helped us through the process were very helpful and informative. Said personnel are extremely professional and courteous. The company policies however require the agents to read off a lot of stipulations so make sure you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions, the personnel are willing to work with you and make it worth your while.”

Kristin D.
“Great help! Helped us find a great home!”

Sue P.
“The maintenance department has been amazing to work with. Every issue brought to the attention of Ms. Brenda & her team has always been addressed and resolved. I appreciate knowing that there is always someone there to take care of problems that arise.”

Melanie G.
“Homeowners Property Management has By far been the BEST rental experience I have had the pleasure of. I Found this site online, called and immediately Christy answered the phone with the friendliest personality and told me where she was located in fayetteville and what I needed to bring in to check out a key. After I came in and told her how much I loved the house she immediately redirected me to Dorthy with all the information I needed before I even met her. I came back the very next day and already had most of what I needed ready for Dorthy. Dorthy was so helpful in understanding the urgency on how quickly my family needed to move and quickly contacted the homeowners with personal questions I had about the property. Ontop of being amazing for that Dorthy also took into consideration of the long distance issue my husband had with signing the lease digitally. My husband and I are more than pleased with the service we BOTH recieved with these tw women. I will refer them both to everyone I know looking for a new rental property.”

Rodney J.
“Homeowners Property Management has been excellent on handling any Maintenance issues that arise. I appreciate their kind words and great spirit. We always get work done in a reasonable time period. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for property in the area!”

Timi O.
“It was a great experience for me as soon as walked into the building. The smile on the Christy and Dorothy faces made me felt welcome. They staff were patient and willing to help and answer all my random questions. I honestly will recommend doing business with this company.”

Mrs T-W.
“ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST!!! My husband and I started looking for a home to rent months ago. When we first walked into Homeowners, the over all experience was a warm family atmosphere. Ms. Christy, Ms. Dorothy, and the women in the leasing department work effortlessly for all the guest that visit their office. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience then this. And yes Ms. Christy, Ms. Dorothy, and Ms. Kristy (with a K) are now our new extended family. Thank you guys so much. And when we cook, we will definitely bring y’all a plate so don’t forget the Tupperware…..”

Tamala E.
“Everything from start to finish was great!!!!! Special kudos to Kristy and to Dorothy for their excellent service, patience, and making us feel at ease in the process!!! We are thankful for them and will definitely recommend them to others!!! :)”

Benjamin B.
“If your new or relocating to the Fayetteville area Homeowners property management is the place to go. Just ask for Angela S and she guide you in the rite direction to fit your style and budget!”

Kirk G.
“This by far was my best experience applying for a home. The inspectors, Kristy Cain and Danielle McKay were the most hospitable, personable and professional people to deal with. I experienced a high standard of customer service from the front desk to the leasing office. I encourage anyone looking for a home to make Homeowners Property Management your preferred realtor.”

Elijah F.
“The entire experience was awesome, Christy and Danielle were very professional, and made me feel like Im at home. They have the most sweetest personalities, and they really helped me out alot and were a joy to work with. I would recommend everyone to homeowners property. Kaye the inspection Lady was very sweet and professional she made the transition smooth:) Michelle the manager was very sweet and professional as well, always helpful. The lady at the front desk Victoria is always pleasant when i come in. Thank you guys for everything.”

Kristell C.
“MUST READ!!!!!! I was relocating from Miami and was unsure of the process with moving to a new state, I called a number on a location that I was interested in and was transferred to Christy, I must say this lady over whelmed me with just her conversation, when I made the appointment to view some listings I walked into a warm and friendly atmosphere! The lady at the desk assured me that no one has a perfect credit score and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, she also gave me helpful tips on credit repair, I must say that took me by surprise. So once I was told to see Christy she again was all who I imagined her to be after speaking to her. Warm kind, and helpful with my process I can go on and on about my experience with this company but I encourage all who are looking for a place to stop by and let this company assist you with finding your dream home cause i’m more than glad I decided to let them help me. I give this company a 4 star rating on customer service and overall customer satisfaction!!!! YOU GUYS KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO CAUSE IT WORKS. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK THE LEASING OFFICE IS AWESOME YOU GUYS ROCK:-)”

Hiram M.
“Homeowners is the epitome of what any property management company should try to emulate. I absolutely regret leaving the company because they care about the clients and renters. The highest level of professionalism is seen from the Front desk associate, home inspectors, and the accounting team. I apologize for no having the specific names but everyone in this company is a winner in my book!”

Samuel L.
“I dealt with Christy in leasing and let me tell you she was the best. I just PCS’d from Fort Sill and was staying in a hotel paying $90 a day of my money to stay there and I explained that to her and she went above and beyond to get me everything I needed to get me into a home for my family. She was always pleasant and in good spirits and always kept me up to date with my process. From the time I first walked in the door to the time I signed the lease took about a day and a half. She is a true professional and if I were her supervisor I would give her a raise. If this experience is indicative of the service I can expect in the future I look forward to working with this company because she is the epitome of great customer service.”

Joe M.
“Christy in the Leasing Office did a great job helping me find the place that was just right for me and was very accommodating!”

Danielle T.
“I am a tenant of Homeowners Property Management. I have been with the company for a while now. I can honestly say the company has made some MAJOR POSITIVE changes recently. The staff is very helpful and courteous when I have questions or concerns. They are well on their way to great success!”

Sebastian M.
“Renting for the first time, the staff has been really helpful and I will use the company again in the future. The leasing staff was extremely nice and walked us through everything. Would recommend to anyone.”

Angela S.
“AWESOME AWESOME SERVICE !!!! If you are looking for a professional management company choose Homeowners. Anytime I have a questions or concern there is always someone in the office willing to help me even if my Property Manager is busy. I highly recommend Homeowners.”

Linda L.
“I have been in a rental unit for over 2 years and so far the service with Homeowners have been great. I personally want to acknowledge Brenda in maintenance for her services which are handled professionally and her friendly, courteous attitude is always a plus.”

Tiffany S.
“Thank You! You Rock! I will miss being a tenant of Homeowners and I know where I will be buying my house when I am ready in a couple of years! Homeowners is the best company! Please tell everyone Thank You for the awesome experience Take Care!”

Willie F.
“I would like to take this opportunity congratulate two of your employees for a job well done. Ms. Brenda Anderson and Danielle Mcfayden. have been a blessing during my move to Fayetteville, NC. At that time i was searching for a home to rent. Ms. Mcfayden went above and beyond her duties to ensure that my transition was smooth and flawless. After moving into one of your rental properties I had some maintenance problems which brought Ms. Anderson to my attention. Ms. Anderson ensured that all my maintenance problems were repaired in a timely manner. She followed up on all my maintenance issues personally to ensure that i had a positive experience.”

Kimutaya I.
“You’re the best, Kristi and the rest of the Homeowners maintenance team”

Amanda K.
“We wanted to thank you guys for addressing out concerns and look forward to continuing to enjoy the home.”

Elisa B.
“It is relieving to see somebody like you who is happy to help, quick in assisting (you answered me right away on the phone and by email), and knowledgeable.”

Stephanie M.
“You seem very professional and I like that! We have had our ups and downs with property management and it is a welcomed change to feel as though we have someone that will do their job!”

Louis and Dolores N.
“A few lines to say “thank you” for going above and beyond in assisting our family during our time of hardship. Were it not for your kind intervention, none of this would have been possible. We are most thankful to you and wish you and yours copious amounts of God’s grace!”

Jamie M.
“I am a first time home renter and have had a very pleasant experience with this office. Their staff was more than willing to help me find out where these homes were located, which saved me so much extra time.”

Bernard B.
“Just a note to say thanks very much for sending Ms Holden out to inspect the townhome I am renting. Ms Holden is professional and I really appreciate her inspecting the property. I wish I would have had her as a property manager in several homes I have owned and rented out. Thanks for having a true professional.”

Julie K.
“The service you provide is excellent, you are extremely fast, incredibility polite and very understanding. So thank you again, and please thank the owner of the home. I appreciate you both.”