Owner Testimonials

Our clients, the property owners, are always complimenting us on our staff and the management of their property. We thought it would be nice for other owners looking for a management company to see what our clients are saying these days.

Steven S. (Mar 2022)
“I also work with a property management company in the charlotte area and yall are hands down 10X’s better.”

Richard W. (Feb 2022)
“Our property has never looked this good thanks to the Homeowners team.”

Michael S. (Dec 2021)
“All the checks and balance of a quality property management company. quality service, transparent and responsive account managers. Top notch service.”

Ty R. (Sep 2021)
“Great work! Thanks for the update. Looks great from the inspection report.”

Don T. (Sep 2021)
“Thanks Melinda.  You guys have been great and feel free to use me as a reference for future clients if you ever need to!”

Jovanna T. (Sep 2021)
“We have been with Homeowners since 2010 and about two weeks ago was the very first time that we were contacted to discuss potential tenants for our home. I’d like to specifically thank Daysha Scruggs for making it such a great experience and getting us involved.”

Ronnell B. (Jul 2021)
“Homeowners Property Management has been great to me over the last 6yrs. My property manager Kenna Nobles has always been very helpful. She always made herself available when I needed her. She always kept me informed about what was going on with my property. You would be lucky to have her on your property management team.”

Alysia H. (Jul 2021)
“I appreciate the assistance this company gave me. It helped me move forward towards my goals.”

Conrad J. (Jun 2021)
“Really appreciate your service.  Whenever I leave NC again, I’ll be looking to you all to take the management back over.”

Cierra M. (Apr 2021)
“I would like to first Thank Kyle Alcala for his professionalism, amazing customer service, and willingness to go above and beyond my expectations. Since having my property listed with the company he is the only one who has given me hope and eased my mind. I thank you all for everything you are doing and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future”

Keith M. (Mar 2021)
“We’ve been a Homeowner’s client for two years now and our experience and been fantastic. They are very professional, organized, and responsive. These guys have been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them if you have a property to manage. They take good care of the tenant while making sure the property stays in good shape.”

Daniel P. (Mar 2021)
“Thank you so much for taking care of our property and tenants.”

Justin M. (Mar 2021)
“Homeowner’s Property management is a professional organization who was very accommodating while we were purchasing a tenant-occupied property. They keep detailed reports, and information about the property. So much so, that we decided to keep them on as management!”

Alexander C. (Mar 2021)
“I had a house sit on the market with no hits for 6 months WITH ANOTHER Company. After speaking wih this company on a whim, they did a full workup on my home and explain what was going on in a couple of hours. This company did more work for me in those couple hours than my original company did in 6 months. Once I placed them in charge of the home, I had a signed lease in 10 days, in Decemeber!! I couldnt ask for better care as a homeowner.”

Christopher T. (Nov 2020)
“Thank you Lisa. You are awesome as always!!!!!”

Juan P. (Oct 2020)
“Thank you, Jason. You have been a fantastic person over the past two months. Tending to the military is not for everyone. I appreciate your resilience and dynamic attitude that much more. Thanks again. Have a great day. God bless you. Stay safe. -Juan”

Crystal F. (Sep 2020)
“I’ve been with this company for over 3 years. We originally rented through them and loved them so much when we bought our home we chose to rent it out through them. Very responsive and professional. They have great policies and procedures. I absolutely recommend them.”

Reginald B. (May 2020)
“From the bottom of our hearts  we couldn’t leave our house in better hands. You guys were great. We felt good and never worried about our house. Unfortunately we have to buy another house in a new state. Time to retire and settle down. But I truly remember this team and WE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  YOU GUYS WERE GREAT”

Vannie P. (Apr 2020)
“Thanks for the update, the attached form and your quick responses to my questions and property concerns.  You and your team are doing an excellent job, thanks so much.”

M. B. (Apr 2020)
“It’s honestly surprising to read negative reviews after I’ve had such a good experience with Homeowners. The staff was very professional, returned my calls and emails promptly, addressed all the issues with repairs pretty quick. All the agents were super nice, did thorough walk throughs and inspections on time, then sent me detailed reports about what was going on on the property. I would definitely recommend Homeowners, made my life a lot easier to manage rental property from another state.”

Lisa B. (Feb 2020)
“Homeowners Property Management has managed our home from time to time throughout the past 15 years due to our numerous military moves taking us out of state and back to Fayetteville to live in the home. They have done a good job however Nicole-PM8 has stood out as someone who has gone above and beyond her call of duty to make sure that all parties involved, the tenant, the warranty company, the heating and cooling company and my husband and I as the homeowners were all taken care of and got what we needed. Because of her we have recommended homeowners to others.”

Kurt M. (Jan 2020)
“They have been outstanding managing properties for me. They answer when I call. They return my calls promptly. Their system of managing is unlike others. They always have someone to assist no matter the need. I’m very pleased with Homeowners Property Management.”

Matthew L. (Jan 2020)
“This management team is fantastic! I recently purchased an investment property. Melinda and her team took immediate control of the property while offering advice along the way. She has given me a play by play of the process of signing up, reaching out and assisting the tenants with the web portal, and following up after the whole process was concluded. Lastly, the web portal is one of the best I’ve ever seen in this business. Easy to use and understand. I highly recommend HPM!”

Pete and Chun E. (Jan 2020)
“Thank you so much for helping me with this process.  My husband and I are grateful to have you represent us.”

Tricia (Dec 2019)
“Thanks for checking with us! HPM excels at communication!”

Matthew M. (Nov 2019)
“Nikki, Lisa, and Alex Thanks for all you do.”

Kory M. (Oct 2019)
“Great company! We have had a great experience. Both of our properties are listed with them. Both got rented out within weeks of listing, and contact with the team has been a breeze. Very professional team that is meticulous and customer friendly. We look forward to our continued partnership in the future.”

Brian S. (Oct 2019)
“Thankyou for your understanding…I too have appreciated your attention to detail…and rapid action anytime there has been an issue. Your management team is a vast improvement compared to some negative experiences in the past…primarily before four years ago.”

Timothy S. (Sep 2019)
“Thank you Janet for that comprehensive answer!!”

Karen P. (Sep 2019)
“I met a young lady tonight in Sally’s Beauty Supplies. I was in a store with my sister and we were discussing me and my fiance renting out our home. The young lady introduced herself and stated she worked at Home owner’s Property Management best management companies in town. She began to tell me about your company. I was given the website, and with her directions I was able to find everything I was looking for. All through the conversation she made sure I understood that you are very big on communication. I must say AWESOME job GREAT communication GREAT customer service. I wanted to take the time to say thank you Kena and I hope I spelled your name right. Your company should be hearing from us in the next couple of weeks thank you again. I felt you deserve a 5 star for just taking time out to talk with me. Keep loving what you do trust me it SHOWS!!!!!!!!!”

Tricia C. (Sep 2019)
“After many years of managing our own rental property, we decided to use a property manager. We’re so glad we chose Homeowners. They’ve been prompt with every communication, have actually saved us money in the long run by getting tenants in promptly and at a good rental rate, and have spared us a lot of hassles by handling repairs. They are quick with advice and particular about keeping things looking good. They work as a team and are always accessible when I contact them.”

Beth B. (Sep 2019)
“I was there just after 4 today. It looks amazing!!!! I’m so impressed! Awesome job getting it all taken care of. Seriously relieved right now about it all and the house being in your hands if we can’t be here. Thank you for a job well done.”

Erin C. (Sep 2019)
“HPM’s Jason Piakarski has been on it! Great communcator.”

Michael K. (Sep 2019)
“I had a question about billing for repairs and receipts. Lisa answered promptly and provided the information I needed.”

38years Incamo. (Sep 2019)
“I’m an owner and have been with them for about a year. Melinda was great when I came aboard, then we were put with team 3 and frustrating to say the least. Communication was terrible, getting work completed was not possible. Since then a couple months ago they did some changes and we are now with Team 2 and WOW night and day. Its like a different company my Property Manager ROCKS! I have had the pleasure of working with Nikki and I tell you what she is on it. If she says give me a couple days then you can believe she will make things happen. Maybe its the military in me but when given a mission we handle it. Nikki must have been previous military but either way if you can request a Property Manager you won’t be sorry. Thanks for all you hard work it is truly appreciated.”

David L. (Aug 2019)
“Holly & Nikki are the best. Extremely helpful no matter the situation. Working with them has continued to be a great experience. Even with a 12 hour time difference between myself and NC they have gone out of their way help. I without a doubt recommend using this agency.”

Babatunde O. (Aug 2019)
“Homeowners Property management is an outstanding company. They’re highly professional and they help you to make sure your rental property’s is without doubt ready for rental. They also help you get other services and contractors who are reasonably priced thereby saving you some money.”

Mayra G. (Aug 2019)
“Good people! They found me a tenant within 2 weeks!!! Melinda is very personable!”

Karol M. (Aug 2019)
“Owning a property in the Ft.Bragg, NC area and living in a different location, is quite often the case, that which also brings you to the realization, that you need a respectable and professional property management company. HPM Homeowners Property Management was the perfect fit for our family, reliable, on time, professional and trustworthy. They are an all rounded, full service property management company and so far, has provided us with the upmost excellent customer service by first maximizing our profitability as owners, while preserving their investment in real estate. They have so far offered us the best services for our rental property. They are emcompassed by an experienced management, who relates and just the best maintenance team, taking care of everything for us! They’d truly managed our property like it’s theirs! HPM Homeowners Property Management, is the perfect fit for us, reliable, on time, professional and trustworthy. Mrs. Holly and Mrs. Nicky, put us at ease demonstrating a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. No details left behind, they take care of everything for us, that’s what we were looking for. HPM, is doing an amazing job with our property. They’d exceeded our expectations and I completely trust and recommend this company. I am always able to reach someone and the staff is very knowledgeable. Thank you HPM!! ABOVE AND BEYOND kind of company! Strongly recommend!!!!!”

Luke W. (Aug 2019)
“It has been a seamless experience thus far getting our home leased out; very thorough with fast and effective marketing. Highly recommend HPM!”

Mynaboh G. (Aug 2019)
“Homeowners Property Management has a phenomenal customer service, especially Kenna Leach and Melinda Poorman. Kenna you are the BEST, thanks for everything. Their home inspections are very thorough. They rented my property within days. Thank you HPM family for helping me through the whole process. I would recommend HPM to any homeowner who needs a hardworking, trustworthy and diligent team to manage their property.”

Romerio J. (Jul 2019)
“Outstanding customer service from Kenna Leach and Melinda Poorman. One of the best things about these two individuals is their up-front communication. They are VERY good at keeping me informed (phone call, email or portal) of any actions needed on my property and in a timely matter. As a military member who travels a lot, I truly trust them to be the eyes and ears for my house. Kenna and Melinda (HPM) outstanding service and technical know-how about property management, has given me a peace of mind that can only come about after being assured that my property is in the right hands.”

Cassie C. (Jul 2019)
“Kenna is great! She stayed in touch with me and was very diligent in helping me to get my house market ready and rented! Communication is key and she did a phenomenal job!”

Thomas C. (Jul 2019)
“I worked with HPM as a landlord for a little over a year. I was very impressed with their responsiveness and the way they cared for my property.”

Crosstrack16 (Jun 2019)
“I highly recommend the team at HPM if you’re interested in renting out your home. From their initial visit to our home to explain the process to handing over the keys, everything was clearly explained and made us feel very comfortable as first time landlords. The owner’s portal makes viewing documents easy and if you ever have to call the office, the staff is more than willing to assist you in any way they can. I cannot say enough about the level of communication. My family and I look forward to many years of successful renting!”

Marion C. (May 2019)
“Melinda Poorman is a real asset for this company. You can rely on her to treat your property as her own.”

Elizabeth F. (May 2019)
“I am so impressed with Gillian @ Homeowners! She has helped me & my husband so much with recovering from a horrible situation! We are military stationed in Germany. Along with her teammate Robbie, they have really been there for us. If I call, my phone call is answered by someone. Above anyone it’s Gillian. She has answers every call, every concern, and always try to ensure that as a homeowner I get the best prices for repairs! That means so much being so far away!! Props to her for treating my house like hers! She is a diamond in the rough!! Ty for all you do on that side of the world for us! We are very thankful!”

Jean N. (May 2019)
“Thank you Melinda. We appreciate you all helping taking care of our home while we are gone.”

Frank H. (May 2019)
“Great team! We work with Holly & Nikki . They rented our property within a first month and for almost a year now we had no problems with it. Very professional and easy to work with. Thank you!”

Sherry H. (May 2019)
“Recently I was challenged with a situation regarding “access” to my property. In order not to inconvenience the property manager Lisa Kelsey, I asked if she would release the key to an individual. She understood the urgency of my situation and immediately left the office to allow access to the property. I’m ever so thankful for her decision to actually open the door and observe the actions of the individual. If Ms.Lisa would have taken my recommendation, this issue would have ended in a complete catastrophe, but thankfully, she exercised wisdom and professionalism and the situation was handled properly. I haven’t witnessed this level of customer service in a while and it was absolutely refreshing knowing that my husband has a team of professionals working on our behalf. We have currently been with this Realtor for about 15 years and would recommend them to any homeowner who needs assistance managing their property. Thanks and God Bless”

Aaron G. (May 2019)
“You guys are awesome. Thank you so much Ms Lisa & Ms. Amber! God Bless!”

Juny S. (Apr 2019)
“Hey Lisa, thank you so much for your prompt and courteous response as always. It truly has been a pleasure working with you and the HPM team.”

Maria M. (Mar 2019)
“It has been a pleasure working with your team. Thank you for all your efforts in getting my home ready with such efficiency for the new tenants. I appreciate it very much.”

Pam S. (Mar 2019)
“I can’t stress enough how great my parents Property Manager is. Nikki, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, long hours, weekend calls just to ease my parents minds. You and you alone saved our childhood home from being nothing more than a memory. We’ve tried to talk our parent out of selling the home for the last 5 years, they made their minds up, it was going to sells once the current tenants move out. Then it was like a breath of fresh air at dinner tonight when they told us all about you. My father is retired military (Army Captain) with a very rare and dry sense of humor. My mother loves how honest you are but deliver it a way that is respectful yet straight to the point. My father loves how upfront and honest you are no matter the situation. My father said “that girl is tough, I like her. She is a profession business woman but knows a good joke when she hears it. (Thanks for laughing even when it’s not funny) Nikki, I’m going to make it a point to come by and meet you face to face buy you lunch, dinner, both. My husband is jealous how quickly you were able to build a rapport with them, we’ve been married for 8 years and he’s still learning. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I hope you know, you’re doing more than just a job. You are changing lives God Bless you. Sincerely, Pam”

Aaron G. (Mar 2019)
“As a Vet, I have entrusted my little property to several private landlords and property management companies throughout the years. I really didn’t realize how great having the Property Management Team @ Homeowners was until I had a really horrible experience with another management company…. to remain nameless. Homeowners always treats me fairly and like a part of their family. Thanks to Ms. Melinda, Ms. Kenna & the HPM Family, I’ve never felt more comfortable being an owner. Thanks Guys!!”

Douglas Y. (Jan 2019)
“Melinda and her team were simply amazing to deal with. I’ve been through some rough management companies out there for my rental property but I seem to have found a team that cares about your property as much as their own. Thank you for a great first time experience!”

Ed S. (Jan 2019)
“Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly and professional. I can not say enough good things about Ms Leach”

Samuel S. (Jan 2019)
“Homeowners did an amazing job. They communicate quickly and efficiently. I had to get my property managed on very short notice for them. They did the intake and marketed it for me in about a week. I had tenants within a week from that. So in less than a month after initial contact, I had rental income. Their process is easy to use, they are up front about their minimal fees, and there are no hidden charges.”

Pete H. (Dec 2018)
“5 stars”

Jonah A. (Nov 2018)
“I have been with HPM for a year now, and Lisa and Ashley have made an outstanding management team for my property. Always easy to reach and responsive to the owners needs and concerns, and ready to fix any problems that arise with the property. I live in a different state, and fully trust them to take care of my investment in my absence. They have made this year very easy for us!”

Reginald B. (Nov 2018)
“Me and my wife to say Thank you for everything you guys have done making our house and tenants are safe and happy. Thank you for keeping us informed.”

Nathan S. (Nov 2018)
“Thank you so very much for all your assistance with this matter. The communication and assistance had been great. I definitely appreciate you Ashley!”

Frank P. (Nov 2018)
“I have been with Homeowners since 1996. During that time I have had nothing but excellent service. My recent experience with your team that manages my property has be truly outstanding. Both Kesha and Ericka have provided great service and peace of mind. They should be duly recognized for their superior service!”

Andrew Z. (Nov 2018)
“5 Stars”

Annette S. (Oct 2018)
“Lisa Kelsey followed up and checked all applications out before renting our property. She communicated the process and next steps to ensure I understood what happened next. I felt safe knowing that Lisa and her team had checked out all resources. I would recommend HPM for anyone who is unsure and having problems renting their property. They keep me updated weekly on the status of our property and the views and interest. Thanks Lisa I greatly appreciate you customer service and help in renting our property.”

Joshua D. (Oct 2018)
“Thank you for all the assistance and hard work yall do.”

Ivette H. (Oct 2018)
“Please tell your Boss thanks again for working with us and that you both are awesome!!!!!”

Wilbert M. (Oct 2018)
“Thank you for the info, you guys are very attentive and professional.”

Adam H. (Oct 2018)
“Dealing with Lisa Kelsey has added years to my life. She and the staff at Homeowners are top notch. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Dena G. (Oct 2018)
“HPM was recommended to me by Jason Piekarski. I am very impressed with the professionalism and how eager the staff is to help with any questions I might have regarding the entire process from evaluating and inspecting my house for incoming tenants to answering questions on the portal. I look forward to our continued relationship!”

James W. (Oct 2018)
“The property management team is top notch. We have gone through several other property management companies and were always disappointed. HPM is completely different. They are quick to respond when we have a question, are always courteous and professional, and provide incredible customer service — every time. We have peace of mind with HPM. Couldn’t be happier.”

Daniel A. (Sep 2018)
“The Team is full of professionals! They constantly keep me inform about my property. When they recent hurricane (Florence) occurred, they were the first on ground to inspect my house and sent me the status! I highly recommend the Homeowners Property Management company to anyone who needs property managers! They are the Best!!!”

Ylonda C. (Sep 2018)
“I’m happy to apart of the All Mighty Team 1 and am enduring of the work each of you do to help me maintain my property so we can keep “happy” tenants.”

Hector D. (Sep 2018)
“Thank you for the professional assistance.”

Miriam B. (Sep 2018)
“A special thanks to Holly & Gillian. Even after they were personally affected by the hurricane they continue to provide excellent service. Their customer service is outstanding. As an out of state homeowner we appreciate the care and quick response provided. 100% Highly recommend.”

Thomas P. (Sep 2018)
“Erica, thanks again for your amazing service. My wife and I came in today and caught you before you left for the field. You have always been so dedicated to your customers and it is much appreciated. Once I get my insurance settlement will you have someone who would be willing to do the work? I have heard horrible stories about property managers but you are amazing. I would like to email your manager if possible to let him or her know your efforts are commendable.”

Rob M. (Sep 2018)
“Thank you all for helping us keep our properties in great repair. Larinda and Rob”

John D. (Aug 2018)
“Melinda, Thank you so much for doing an outstanding job throughout the entire intake process. Your professionalism, adequate and timely responses, kept me well informed and instilled confidence in your organization.”

Kevin F. (Aug 2018)
“I’ve been using this organization to manage my property for a little over a year and so far I’ve had nothing but great experiences! They are very quick to respond whenever I have a question, they’re very kind people who are easy to work with, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone out there looking for a property manager. Holly and Gillian are great people – I have never had to worry about a thing because I have full confidence that they will take care of everything. It’s also my first time renting a place out, so they have been great at offering advice and giving me things to think about while making decisions related to my property. I’m glad I chose this company and I don’t plan on taking my business anywhere else!”

Alva A. (Aug 2018)
“Ms Lisa, I received all of your responses. Thank you for your help and your promptness!”

Sook M. (Aug 2018)
“Ms. Kesha- Thank you for your diligence in this matter. Thanks again for the attention and dedication you provide to your clients.- Sook”

Karen W. (Aug 2018)
“This company is phenomenal . I have never been so happy as a homeowner knowing my Home is in great and professional hands. Nothing slips through the cracks with these guys. I always feel confident and comfortable that my home is being taken care of as if it was their own. Thank you HPM for all that you do.”

Dan P. (Aug 2018)
“Keena is the best! The first time my wife spoke to her she was feeling under the weather but that did not stop her from being so friendly, and helpful. She is very responsive on phone and email always willing to help and answer all our questions and concerns. Melinda is an expert at what she does she is very knowledgeable about the market especially Fort Bragg. She has shared her recommendation in ensuring our new tenants are comfortable living in our house. – which is also highly paramount to us. They both made us feel at ease with our transition. They do not waste any time! Believe it or not we have tenants moved in with deposit less than 3 weeks after we handed them our Keys. We received prospective tenants within 24 hours after they advertise our house for rent. Keena, Melinda and Team THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s our FIRST time doing all of this and we are grateful that you made it easy for us! It was overall an excellent and smooth experience!”

Curtis C. (July 2018)
“HI Ericka its always a pleasure to see you to, and we want to thank you for the way that you take time to meet with us and the way that you handle our property in keeping us up dated on everything. We got back to NY. on Sunday about 6;30 PM it rained most of the way back, the important thing is that we got back safe, (we feel blessed to have you as our property manager)”

Terry M. (July 2018)
“I really wish the folks we are renting our place in Maryland from were half as thorough as you guys are.”

Miriam G. (July 2018)
“Received excellent service. Very attentive, professional and quick response time to all needs. Highly recommend.”

Mark D. (July 2018)
“HPM has been a breath of fresh air. We spent over 10 years trying to get another property management company to take care of our investment in Fayetteville with poor results. The property intake team of HPM gave me an honest assessment of the house and worked diligently at getting it ready to rent. The house was rented within two weeks after repairs were made. They are an automated business, which is very convenient as I am not stationed at Ft Bragg any more. The status of my property is always available online. The automation is great, but so are the property managers. They are always available by either a phone call or an email. Again, a breath of fresh air.”

Jonah A. (June 2018)
“Lisa and Ashley, I know this property has been a big headache for both of you, being stuck between the tenants and the owners with the kind of problems that keep coming up on this property, so please know we dont take your hard work for granted, and do appreciate the efforts you put into our house.”

Kevin S. (June 2018)
“My experience with HPM has been exceptional! In all of my interactions with the professionals at HPM, I have found each to be professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and caring about the properties under their management – resulting in what any property owner ultimately desires – peace of mind! Thanks HPM…”

Manny G. (May 2018)
“Organized and prompt, a very responsive team !”

Marylva S. (May 2018)
“Great thank you so much I recommended your company to many other military persons, been a great help”

Juanita G. (May 2018)
“The two of you are a good team (Holly and Gillian). Impressive response time ladies. Thank you.”

Mark W. (May 2018)
“I have had a wonderful experience with Homeowners Property Management. I purchased a house at the end of last year, but I found out I would be leaving the area sooner than expected. I chose to put the house up for rent since I could return to this area later on. I contacted HPM and was immediately contacted by Ms. Poorman. Ms. Poorman went above and beyond my expectations for being a property manager. She was knowledgable, professional, and kept me in the loop about everything that was going on while I was away for work. HPM was able to get tenants into my property in a timely manner as well. I could not have asked for a better experience from a property management. Thank you HPM and thank you Ms. Poorman!”

Elijah C. (May 2018)
“Thank you to all the staff for a wonderful experience these past few years!”

Joshua D. (May 2018)
“Awesome, thank you for all the assistance and outstanding job.”

Jeffrey S. (May 2018)
“I am an owner who uses homeowner property management company for my Fayetteville property. I have been using them for over 2 years and have had great success in all the aspects that matter in the rental business. Malik, Ericka and Cynthia have done an excellent job. They work hard at ensuring my expectations and needs for my property are met. They look out for me by finding professional and reliable tenants who care about the home as if it is theirs and always pay on time. Any problems that come up, the company communicates effectively and timely. When the transition of tenants occur, homeowners property MGMT shines. They fix any repairs necessary, ensure the moving out tenant takes care of damage, and the company does a thorough job cleaning and getting an excellent baseline for the next tenant. They put my house one the market so that there is a seamless transition between tenants. They have a dedicated marketing team who uses professional pictures and youtube videos to attract new tenants. So far the systems they have in place have worked well, background checks, credit checks, referrals and even vaccination records for pets. The company has a unique online system which is excellent for good record keeping. I have had a slight issue navigating through the website interface, downloading, sending and receiving images, docs and messages., but that is also because technology is not my strong suit. I oftentimes just call and ask for my designated property manager instead of using the portal, but then again they have worked patiently to help me navigate many times. Tax season this company shines, everything needed for taxes are easy to locate, and well formatted. Expenses and income are displayed simply. no ambiguity. Great company, I recommend this company to any property owner. If you explicitly explain your expectations in the beginning, they do a great job meeting meeting them. – jeff”

David A. (May 2018)
“Homeowners Property Management manages several of our residential properties. As a property owner, I have always found them to be very professional and responsive to any issues. They do an outstanding job with communication,, accounting procedures, semi annual inspections, and coordinating repairs. The owner of Homeowners Property Management, Mr. Sherrill, has done an excellent job implementing proper training and procedures throughout the company. The management team of Holly and Gillian have been great to work with. I highly recommend Homeowners Property Management.”

John K. (Apr 2018)
“We partnered with HPM after leaving the Ft. Bragg area in 2011 and have greatly appreciated their expertise in handling a variety of issues over the course of many years. I’ve greatly appreciated our dedicated and knowledgeable managers, Holly and Gillian, as they both have come in and given great advice on many occasions. As a side note, we put our house on the market to sell but was unable to do so. It wasn’t even a question of thought as to bring HPM back onto the team to get our house ready again to rent. I can’t say enough about these guys but thank you!”

Gary L. (Apr 2018)
“Ashley, Lisa, Hi! Reviewed the 6 month inspection report…WOW! We are impressed and we thank you and our great tenants for taking such great care of our property!”

Jon P. (Mar 2018)
“HPM helped me get my property back in order and on the market quickly after a poor experience with another management company. Once on the market, HPM found a tenant ready to move in within a week at my asking price. I am very pleased with their services, especially with the professionalism of Melinda Poorman. I recommend HPM to any homeowner looking for quality, timely, and professional property management services at fair prices.”

Eli C. (Jan 2018)
“Dear Holly and Gillian, After all the issues dealing with this unit, I was really concerned with our ability to market and rent this unit.  I want to thank you both for staying on top of this through the thick and thin and quickly getting the unit rented.  In my book, you are both superstar rental managers.”

Dionysus G. (Jan 2018)
“Their team is extremely helpful. Had a tenant with another property management company that did some major damage to my property. Homeowners Property Management helped me get from an eye sore to almost new within a couple of months. I have two rental properties with them and wouldn’t have anyone else manage my properties.”

Richard W. (Jan 2018)
“Hard to believe we’ve been with you folks since 1979, and still going strong……Rich”

Eric P. (Jan 2018)
“I recently switched property management companies to HPM. It is like night and day. I have spoken with most of the employees and have been surprised by there level of service. Melinda Poorman worked hard to accept my property that needed many issues resolved where my last property manager had failed. Thanks Melinda! Janet Hudson took over the finances and was immediately up to speed on my account. Ashley and Lisa, my leasing team, immediately got my property in “turn key” condition. HPM had my unit on the market for less than a month (December no less) with a tenant moving in 3 January. Thanks to all at HPM, and may your new year be as happy as you have made mine!”

Yvette B. (Jan 2018)
“I wish I had known about HPM sooner! Very professional, took the time to address all my concerns and put me at ease. Their home inspection was thorough with detailed pictures and explanations. I finally felt like my home would be in good hands & that someone was looking out for my interest. The staff took the time to learn my name & reach out to me every step of the way. They take my needs as the owner into consideration but they also look out for the tenants. Their website is user friendly, well organized. I am no longer in a rush to sell my property because I know it’s in good hands. I’m extremely pleased and I would recommend them wholeheartedly!!”

Benjamin M.
“I have been with the company for 5 years and I have receive the best customer service as a property owner. I like to recognize my property managers Ericka Hollingsworth and Suzanne Bullard for their hard and work and support on ensuring all matter are always addressed and taken care of. I would also like to recognize the leasing department, such as Cynthia Jackson-Delawder, for their thoroughness and ensuring quick property turn around for marketing and leasing of my property as quickly as possible. Thank you Home Owners Property for taking care of and representing my home.”

Remonia H.
“Great working with home owners property management team. Holly Gillian Janet Keena Melinda are just great people to work with. I have been with Home Owners for over 20 years and this without a doubt is the best team that I have worked with. I would encourage others to seek out this great team of professionals for matters pertaing to realestate.”

Michael M.
“As a first time home owner – suddenly faced with an out of state move – the idea of turning that property into a rental investment was intimidating, to say the least. After all, I had spent the better part of the last five years meticulously maintaining and improving my home; an investment in time and money easily destroyed by the wrong tenant. With little information to go on, I partnered with Homeowners Property Management; based simply on their Google Reviews. HPM not only had the highest rating in the area, but also had a sheer volume of reviews that surpassed all of the competition. As a result, I couldn’t be happier. As an out-of-state property owner, with a heavy inclination to micro-manage, communication is paramount for me, and HPM’s recent re-organization to a “team” based property management system, allows for just that. Holly and Gillian, (or “Team 2”), have done a phenomenal job, not only with finding the right tenants (the property was signed into a multi-year lease just days after they took over the account), but with exceptional communication. There are quite a few property management companies in the greater Fayetteville area looking to prey on the military community, and I am thankful to say that this is not one of them. Looking forward to realizing some great potential in a long term investment, thanks to Holly, Gillian, and HPM!”

Gary L.
“Wife and I have been clients of homeowners since 2006, when we turned this property into a rental property. We have had our share of ups and downs with the company and property managers with this company. I must say, though, that Ashley and Lisa are the best managers Diana and I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They are prompt with work order processing, getting us information when requested, very thorough with their 6 month inspection, and extremely personable and a joy to deal with over the phone. Suzanne Bullard deserves recognition as well, as she is very thorough with vetting prospective clientele and got us the great tenants we have today. They collectively are the reason why my perception of this company has turned around. Please keep up the great work. Thanks all.”

Yali L.
“This is a reliable company with professional integrity staff. We have been using its service since 2013 and trust it with one more property and recommend it to our colleagues. We are especially impressed with Ms. Melinda Poorman. She proved to be a very professional, always accessible, and provide excellent advice to prepare our house to a perfect condition for the renter.”

Mich M.
“I am a homeowner and I love the professionalism your employees display. The two property managers Lisa Kelsey and Ashley Kearns go out their way to make sure the tenants as well as owners are satisfied. I love dealing with these individual and would recommend this company to anyone I come in contact who are looking to rent or buy. Mrs.Janet Hudson, the bookkeeper/accountant has always exemplified a professional outlook as well. Every time I contact the company everyone is so nice and professional. Keep doing what you are doing. One satisfied individual ————”

Rushie W.
“Holly and Jilian , team 2, at home owners property managment are a joy to work with. They make life easier, isn’t that why you get a property management company? five stars”

Manny V.
“I have been with this realtor for about 7 years now. For the most part I was extremely disappointed with their service but to busy or deployed to find a new realtor. Recently, Holly and Gillian took over managing my property. I couldn’t be happier; both of these ladies are prompt, professional, dependable, and most importantly follow up with their clients requests. My house did not last more than two weeks before they found a tenant. Never has that happened in 7 years. Furthermore, they would contact me to advise me and keep me informed of all fixtures or discrepancies. I hope these ladies continue their good work and manage my property for the remainder of the time.”

“Thank you so much for the detailed and quick reply! Your company is so professional and thorough and I appreciate it so much! Thanks again!”

Angela L.
“Very happy with Homeowner’s Property Management!! Had bad experiences with several management companies in Fayetteville so relieved to find a professional company! Craig is awesome! The front staff are great. Jason in maintenance is very efficient! Nothing negative to say about this company. They have been amazing!”

Gil S.
“Thanks so much for the quick response and I’ll make sure to let my friends in the Bragg area know about you.”

Angela C.
“I’ll definitely recommend your services to anyone I hear is looking for Property Management.”

Omega O.
“Gratitude for your diligent team!!!! I appreciate all that you do for me in managing my two properties. I have some other properties in other states namely NY and MI and you all are miles and miles ahead of them in your approach. I am so grateful for the great communication and detailed updates on everything. I’m not sure you get any positive feedback but it’s definitly been a great experience working with you. Even when I’m delayed in my responses due to travel and other work issues, you still are faithfully there to remind me to handle funding the portal and any other outstanding issues. To all of you, THANK YOU!!!”

Alex M.
“Jason Piekarski has done an outstanding job as my property manager. Jason has gone above and beyond in his service and I’m very happy to have him.”

Kimberly D.
“My husband and I recently hired Homeowners Property Management for our rental property in Raeford. The whole experience from beginning to end was top notch. We had experience with other property managers and HPM is by far the best. Diane Canella was our intake processor and did an excellent job helping us identify areas where our home needed a few repairs. They were very detailed in their inspection. The other property managers never told us we didn’t even have garage door openers! We live out of state (we’re military) so it’s essential we are made aware of issues. The contractor did an excellent job, referred by HPM, and followed through with before/ after photos. They found us tenants within two weeks. Also, their online portal is very easy to navigate and a quick reference for important documents. We would recommend HPM to anyone in need of good property managers.”

Maria N.
“Kenna, Danielle, and, “Dr. McFadden,” thank you for your engagement, and your positive attitude in helping our tenant transition out, while getting us a great tenant back in very soon. I look forward to hearing back on the information discussed in the previous message. We appreciate your work at HPM!”

Lowell S.
“Home Owners” property management about sums it up! Professional staff and ownership as if all the properties were their own. Maintainance division executes with follow up and expectations driven by their professional staff.”

Matthew N.
“Suzanne, thank you for taking the initiative on this, as well as for acting so quickly! I consistently get impressed by the quality of the HPM staff. And, yes, you gave me the information I needed: my tenants plan to stay as long as they can, that is, until he military moves them. By the way, I love the technology that HPM offers. I am in Okinawa, Japan, and I am able to conveniently manage my property via intelligently designed internet tools. I interviewed numerous property management companies in Fayetteville, and, candidly, many had friendly, eager staff. However, what sealed the deal was HPM’s technology. Thanks again!”

Michael C.
“I am a current homeowner that utilizes Homeowners Property Management to oversee our property, the Maintenance Department (Brenda and Jason) have gone above and beyond in making sure that our home is kept in tip-top condition. We greatly appreciate Brenda’s and Jason’s endless effort with their position in the Maintenance Department.”

Conrad J.
“Hired to manage my property. They are very professional, thorough, and a step above the competition. (I’ve tried others). Instead of a single manager, they divide responsibility into teams. There are pros and cons to this approach, but overall it works. In theory, a single manager should know your property the best–until they leave or get overwhelmed. This team approach guards against that and for me at least, has worked.”

Duane S.
“I would just like to send a Huge THANK YOU to Isabella Van and HPM. Isabella took over management of my home in October 2008. I was heading overseas & stressed about managing my home from there. Isabella and her team made it really easy and stress free. When the transition to HPM took place it only got easier and even less stress free with the ability to communicate through the HPM portal. Our business relationship has ended but I am forever grateful to you for your assistance. I have many friends in Fayetteville & always recommend you if they find themselves in the same position I did and in need of home management services. Again thank you very much for your assistance over the years.”

George C.
“Thank you very much. I know I can be hard to deal with sometimes but I really do appreciate everything and the hard work you put in for me.”

Tara T.
“I am a home owner that has used Homeowners Property Management to rent my home. They are very reasonable over their pricing for their services. I take pride in my home and have put full trust in this business. If ever I have any questions I call Isabella and she takes the time to talk through everything with me and she is honest and polite. With everything, you have to put in the time and care into your home and they make sure to put me at ease with having a tenant in my home. They are realistic in their assessment and let me know what I need to do to keep my home up and also what the tenant is requesting. Take the time to communicate with your property manager and if you’re a tenant do the same.”

Geraldine A.
“Isabella I just wanted to give you a great big thank you for managing my rental property for the last 21 years. I am so blessed and grateful to have had someone like you who is always so professional and caring to management my home. Wishing you and your staff all the best.”

Karen N.
“Thank you so much Jason. I appreciate everything you do to help me and my tenant.”

Jeremy B.
“Thank you for outlining the process. Thanks for all that you do to help and encourage the homeowners!”

Matthew and Maria N.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about:

–The HPM Repair tech provides the needed quick response; tenant knows they are important.

–Repairman responds quickly, (I am guessing) minimal cost of repair, and customer is now educated on how to handle this issue without tech involvement next time–maybe a little embarrassed, but happy.  A pretty good day.  Thanks, Jason!  Thanks, HPM.”

Matthew D.
“Professional in every regard, the team at HPM can be counted on to take care of your property, be responsive to owner AND tenant needs and to — and this is rare — protect your investment to minimize loss or damage. They go the extra mile to ensure you know they care, including meeting with you on Sunday — even on Superbowl Sunday — if necessary (thanks, Jennifer and Kaye)!!! As a Fayetteville homeowner/landlord for over 30 years. I have worked with a number of property managers in Fayetteville, but will never leave this team to work with any other when I am renting my property out. They are simply the best and, over 33 years, I have tried most of the rest.”

Luis M.
“Thank you a million Kristy. You and the new team do not stop amazing me, I did not have to call to find out, WOW!!!!”

Alfredo V.
“I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put on this. I see a lot of email traffic and you guys are going above and beyond. As I stated on previous emails communication is a key and your team have done a great job.”

Cherise H.
“Thank You, I really appreciate this. I only wish I had switched property managers back when I first purchased this property. You guys have been more consistent than any other.”

Beth N.
“I have had my house taken care of by this company since 2008. I must say that since the new ownership came in, my satisfaction has been far exceeded! The process is smoother than it has ever been. They have streamlined the process of calling and asking questions. I am very thankful for the maintenance department, Ms. Brenda and Jason are absolutely amazing, they make things happen. I have never had any problems with that department, and really they are the backbone of the rental company. Because let’s face it, when something goes wrong who is the one to make things happen and get things fixed? They do, so keep up the great work Ms. Brenda and Jason! Many people over look your job, but not this owner! I thank you for your hard work and dedication to the tenants, owners and the company! I promise you that if you give Homeowners a chance you will not be disappointed!”

Danielle F.
“This company is a pleasure. Great Job HOMEOWNERS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.”

Ken T.
“I would like to just take a quick moment to express how impressed by one of your employees.   Kristy has been the absolute BEST homeowners employee that have ever worked with, and thats after close to 15 years of property management by your company.   No matter what I needed done she was all over it, from setting up work orders, taking care of so many things on my behalf from belgium, coordinating that all services were in place when I flew home to renovate, really just anything; Absolutely stellar.   I am almost sorry to have my house rented again!”

Matthew J.
“I appreciate your responsiveness and competence in addressing my requests. You responded to my inquiry the same day, and you took positive action which I had not thought of. It gives me peace of mind and confidence in HPM that wherever I am in the world–literally, the Team at HPM will work to get the job done, and them some.”

Jason T.
“I cannot thank you and your team enough for your diligence and professionalism in managing my property. You have provided me with a peace of mind over my families greatest asset as I focused on serving our nation. I ask that you continue to serve our Soldiers here at Fort Bragg with the same fervor an dedication as you so graciously afforded me.”

Elijay C.
“I would also like to thank you and your coworkers for such awesome performance! I have been more than impressed with the speed, thoroughness and professionalism of the team. Keep up the good work.”

Edward J.
“Thank you again for your wonderful service.”

Dustin D.
“Thank you for all the help and time.You all do a great job and this is by far the best property management company around!”

Milton S.
“You have been AWESOME and I really appreciate how attentive you are in answering all my questions and resolving issues.”

Depriest D.
“Thank you Teasia for doing such an excellent job with our property. Homeowners Property Management has truly lived up to their name. Thank you again.”

Dustin D.
“Homeowners, I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to every department and associate working with homeowners to ensure my property is well taken care of and keeping me informed. This was by far the best decision I have made to switch to this company to trust in to take care of my property to ensure I can sell it upon return. Keep up the outstanding work and know that it is recognized by not only myself, but my family and friends in the area. Have a great day!”

Vanessa S.
“I’m so pleased with how fast it moved under your management. And all the updates about the tenant, leasing and just keeping me in the loop.”

Stephanie C.
“I know this property management company is ethical and trustworthy and thank you for dong such a good job for us.”

Matthew and Maria N.
“Thank you, Danielle. I particularly appreciate your follow through and rapid action. ”

Dustin D.
“Looking forward to a great relationship with the company. Thank you again for all your help to give me a better experience with property management companies.”

Robert S.
“And by the way, we really like the Marketing Report y’all send out to us about the viewing traffic on our home. It’s such a great tool to have to track our home interest. Praying we get a good family in very, very soon! Thank you for all y’all do! =)”

Colleen S.
“I just want to thank you sincerely for the update. Thank you for all your hard work. Happy New Year to you.”

Randall A.
“Thanks…please do what you can to ensure our tenant has heat…I always have been able to count on you to reply to my emails and I appreciate that…you’ve also done some great work for us in the past, so again, thank you!”

Annette F.
“Thank you! It is so nice to have you guys on top of things now. Before it was such a hassle and heartache to get any information from anyone.”

Maurice G.
“Thank you ever so much. AS usual you have solved another problem when no one else could.”

Roger P.
“Again, thank you for your prompt and professional management of our Louisburg rental.”

Becky R.
“Thank you so much for all the HARD work you have done!”

Diana B.
“I would like to thanks Ms. Brenda Anderson for her outstanding customer assistance skills in assisting me on the Propertyware Owner Portal Access. She was courteous, patient, had enthusiasm and empathy. She is an employee with great customer service skills. She is striving for excellence for your establishment!”

Ivette H.
“I would like to take the opportunity to tell you “thank you very much.” Had a Saturday plumbing call and it was taken care of right away. Outstanding service from Kelli.”

Lewis T.
“Westana, this is great work! Very professional and polished, the best move-in inspection I’ve ever seen. That’s the level of detail I’m looking for. I now have a better “picture” of what is going on and what the tenant’s concerns are.”

Ramona R.
“Westana was very nice, patient and competent in explaining and answering all my questions.I now have peace of mind that my house is in good hands. If more people were as passionate and committed to their job as she is, the world would be a even better place. Please be so kind and relate this praise to her.”

Thomas W.
“Thank you for the good job you’re doing with the rental.”

Kurt and Candi A.
“We are so impressed with your professionalism and competence.”

Joshua A.
“Hi Phyllis, thanks a lot for the good work.  I am right now in Afghanistan but I will make sure that I checked it. I will definitely use it to file my Tax when I returned back safely by the grace of God. Thanks for all the good work and have a blessed weekend, Josh.”

Kenneth and Sherry H.
“We want to thank you for the wonderful job you have been doing concerning our property. We must say, you are a cut above all the managers we’ve had in the past. Your ability to effectively communicate and results oriented work ethic is second to none”

Gordon W.
“I just got a email from Westana that was a Move-In report.  It was an outstanding, kick ass professional document!!!!.  That is the level of detail that I appreciate and it reflects greatly on the person that prepared it and the company that they work for.  I have great confidence in you and your teams capabilities. You and your team make for a very dynamic group that can handle all the challenges that I have entrusted you with thus far, for the last 20 yrs and will continue to do so in the future.”