How to Get Started

Enjoy the benefits of being a real estate owner without the headaches of being a landlord. Homeowners Property Management handles every aspect of residential property management in Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Getting started is simple:

1. You must be on title to the property. If you do not yet own the property please let us know if you need assistance with acquiring the property.

2. Arrange access to your property for our Management Team. We must see the property, including the interior, before we can price it or commit to manage it. You may meet us with the key, leave the key in a lock-box, drop off the key at our office, or mail the key to us.

3. We will conduct a “Market Rent Survey” of rents for similar properties in the area. We will send you our market rent survey and a draft management agreement by email attachment. The draft management agreement sets the rent at a price point we’ve identified as marketable and that will result in a signed lease.

4. Before we can begin to manage your property we need these things:

– Signed management agreement with all supplemental pages filled out and a one-time payment of $100 for new property processing and setup into our management system – Four (4) Keys to the property (if you only have one, we have a key machine to make the additional required at $2.95 each) – Owner repair escrow payment of $400 (we will accept $200 at time of intake and $200 from a future rent payment if you prefer)

5. We will conduct our “Property Inventory.” Using our checklist to determine that the property meets the habitability requirements of the Uniform Housing Code and that it is in acceptable marketing condition. If we find any defects of concern we will make a “punch list” of recommendations for you and create a work order to complete noted items. Estimates will be provided as needed.

6. When all the items on the punch list are complete we will market the property to generate tenant inquiries. The local rental market is a crowded inventory of available homes. Our goal is to insure your home is at the top of the list for exposure, desire, and availability for all prospective tenants searching.

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